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Google’s New Feature Tells You If the Flight Price Is a Good Deal

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Written by Charlie

This new Google Flights feature will help you to know if that price you are seeing for your next trip is as good as you think it is! This is a nice way to know the best flight deals when you search.

Sure, we would like to think we know what a “good” price is for flights. But, often what we think is good and what actually may be good can be quite different! Thanks to Google’s massive amount of data, we now can see if that price we are seeing on a flight is a good deal or not.

New Google Flights Feature Tells You If the Price is Good

Note: I found that, sometimes, it is not showing the best price data for roundtrips. This was working last week but is not working on all roundtrips for me as of the publishing of this post.

Google Flights is already a must-use tool for anyone that travels. Between giving you great flexibility in showing prices and dates to setting alerts for when a specific trip drops into your range, Google Flights is just awesome.

Google Flights feature

Yep, that price looks good – backed up by Google’s data!

This new feature that was rolled out earlier this month broadens its use beyond just holiday travel to let you know when you are searching for a flight if it is indeed a good deal.

Simply start by searching for a flight and Google will take it from there, using data accrued from the past 12 months on that exact route to tell you if the price is high, low, or typical for that time. Now you know if that price is a good deal or if you should wait a little longer!

new google flights feature

Search for flights like normal and Google will tell you if that price is a good one

As I said, Google must be working some stuff out as it was working when they launched it March 9 (for roundtrip) but is now hit or miss with that. So, if roundtrip is your thing, keep checking it!

It does work very well for one-way trips, which is good for me as that is something I look at a lot! Plus, it works in all class of services so you know if that next business class deal is as good as it seems! 🙂

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