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Check Your Amex Account – The Great Sam’s Club Offer Has Expanded!

sam's club amex offer
Written by Charlie

Check your American Express accounts! The great Sam’s Club Amex Offer that will let you get up to $250 back has expanded to more accounts!

Again, I have no idea why American Express does this (my theory is that they have contracted for a quota of accounts and when many accounts do not save the offer, they open it up to more targeted individuals) but I love it when they do! As with the recent case of the Hyatt Amex Offer, the fantastic Amex Offer for Sam’s Club has expanded to more customers!

Great Sam’s Club Amex Offer

Sam's Club Amex Offer

  • Spend $100 or more in a single transaction, get 20% back – up to $250!
  • Expires 1/31/2017
  • Valid in-club only
  • Not valid for gas

This is a huge offer since Sam’s sells many gift cards, some of them discounted. Also, they have a ton of goods that are at a discount from retail so you could easily hit the limit with this and save more than the $250 you will get back (simply because of the price difference from other retailers). If you do not have anything for sure in mind, I would just go for the gift cards. There are many great ones so just load up now!

This is only available on our business cards. Previously, it was only available on my SPG business card but it now expanded to my wife’s Platinum Business as well! But, remember – this is only good on a single transaction over $100! Do not use this card until you are ready to max out the offer or you could get as little as $20 back!

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    • You could have someone else use it with you being there. Also, I think you can still purchase but there will be a 10% fee on your purchases so it will cut into your deals. Check Groupon as they will sometimes have deals of Sams Club membership for only like $25 plus gifts.

  • No on Platinum Business, but got it on Blue for Business-Primary (don’t have AU’s), Simply Cash for Business-Primary and AU. Thank you!

  • I thought someone said it doesn’t need to be a single transaction and can be multiple transactions in the same day.

  • Got it on Business Platinum, Business SPG, and another business Blue Cash.

    My reading of terms is that its one transaction, so I’ve played it safe. Bought stuff I needed and bought Sam’s Club GC for a total of $1250.

    My local Sam’s Club does sell variable load AMEX and (?)Vanilla Visa, up to $500. I was told that the variable card has to be in a transaction by itself and cannot be with other variable load cards (I was in a hurry so did not ask if I could buy Sam’s Club GC/merchandise with one variable load card, or just that the variable card has to be a solo transaction all by itself).

  • I was able to buy 3 $500 Vanilla MasterCards (each a separate transaction, but one right after the other), and the $250 statement credit posted two days later.

  • I got this on my SPG biz in Nov but not seeing on there now. I’m looking on my app and mobile versions. Is it showing up on desktop versions of the Amex website or is there a way of getting it to load to my card? I thought I read somewhere that people were unlinking cards from their account logins and getting the offer to popup.