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Calling All Washington, DC Area Residents!

Running Round the World With MIles
Written by Charlie

Washignton, DC – come out for a meetup like none other that you have ever attended! It will be a great chance to talk miles/points/running and be a part of an event that is coming to a grand finale at the Marine Memorial. September 10, 2015 – mark it down and come on out!

Next Thursday, I will be finishing up the 6 marathon runs on 6 continents in 5 days. The final location will be in Washington, DC. There will be a couple of people (so far) that will be running with me throughout the length of the 26.2 miles but I would really like to have some more come out as well! Here are the details for the day – note, you certainly do not have to run all 26.2 miles! Even 1/2 mile would be appreciated!

Final Marathon Run – Washington, DC – September 10

Running Round the World With MIles

DC is a great place to run and has a lot of history and emotions

Here are the details of the run for the day. Even if you don’t run but would like to come out and say hi, that would be great! I love meeting new people wherever I go and to get to see some new faces after an incredibly grueling week of running and traveling would be a huge boost!

Glenn from Military Frequent Flyer has kindly volunteered to run the marathon distance with me. It will be his first marathon-length run so you could also be a help and encouragement to him by coming out to cheer us on! Others may be joining us along the way as well.

Even if you just want to come out on part of your lunch time, that would be great! I mean, if you run on Thursdays anyway, how about joining us for part of it? We would love to see you!


Note: I will be uploading a course map later on that should be almost exactly what we are planning. In the meantime, see the Marine Corps Marathon Map for the general idea – here.

We are going to follow the Marine Corps Marathon course the best we can, making adjustments along the way for roads that are normally closed for the race that we will not be able to run on.

Start – Mile 5ish

Our starting area will be the Arlington Cemetery and we will be going up into Arlington along the Lee Highway before taking the Custis Trail and crossing the Key Bridge into Georgetown.

Mile 5is – 20ish

For the major portion of the marathon run, we will follow along the Marine Corps Marathon course throughout the District, making slight detours along the way where it is not runnable.

This would be a great chance to pick up with us along the way as there are portions that we will be passing near on the way out and the way back. You will be able to track me live via my Garmin feed that day (and all other days) so feel free to check our progress and give me a call. My contact info will be at the bottom of this post.

Mile 20ish – 26.2

After crossing the Potomac again, we will be picking up along the Mt. Vernon Trail and taking that to Crystal Drive. We may need to add a little out and back along there to give us enough miles so that we finish at the Marine Memorial.

Start Time – Finish Time

I arrive in DC from Miami at 9:30AM the day of the run. I need to make my way quickly to the hotel to drop my bag and change. I am shooting for a start time of 11AM. As I said above, we will start at the Arlington Cemetery.

As far as the time it will take to complete the run, I have no big goals at all. I am going to enjoy the time with Glenn and make sure it is a comfortable pace for the both of us. Also, if some of you come out and want to talk travel/running/miles/points, we will certainly slow it down to even a walk to catch some conversation.

My goal would be to finish by 4:00 – 4:30PM. That is a reasonable timeframe, I would imagine. Of course, if Glenn and I are both feeling good, we may pick up the pace along the way. So, definitely follow our tracking to see where we will be!

Tracking & Contacting

I will be using my Garmin Fenix 3 for all of the runs and that allows for livetracking. That live tracking feed will be available on my Twitter account and can also be sent to your e-mail if you want to send me your e-mail address. It will give you a whole bunch of fun information, including our location and pace, so you can track us the whole way. So, follow me on Twitter or e-mail me to get the link.

I will have my phone with me so feel free to give me a call along the way. The number is 585-309-0673. You can also contact me through Twitter throughout the day, but calling may be best.


This is going to be a lot of fun! Obviously for me, it is going to be very special and an emotional run. There is something that happens when you run a marathon with your emotions. Well, imagine what I may be like after running 6 marathon distances and with little sleep! 🙂

Not only that, but running to raise money to support our veterans is really something that gives you a boost. To have the final run taking us along the route of the fantastic Marine Corps Marathon and running past all of our special monuments and memorials is going to be something else. And to finish the whole event at the Marine Memorial? That is the moment I will be thinking about throughout all of next week.

I would really love to share that moment with any of you that would like to come out. We will finish sometime between 3:30PM and 5PM and you can track us along the way. If you would like to be at our finish line, I would be extremely honored. Even better, join us just shy of the finish line and we can run it in together.

For everyone that comes out/runs with us, I will have a Wounded Warrior Project wristband for you to remember the event by. So, come on out! Plus, please share this with others so that we just have a great day of running, fun, and talking. I know I will remember it for a long time and it would mean a lot to have you along for that memory.


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