What a Steal! An Entire Spanish Village is on Sale for Just $260K!

Written by Charlie

This is not a Spanish villa but an ENTIRE SPANISH VILLAGE! It is on sale for just $260K with over 40 houses and much more!

There are a bunch of Americans that have been buying and are looking to buy retirement homes in Europe. For this purpose, there have been all kind of investment schemes that countries use, like Greece’s Golden Visa (which, by the way, is shortly going from €250,000 to €500,000 in investment amount!). But, how about buying an entire village – in Spain, no less!

A Spanish Village on Sale for $260K!

The current owner of this Spanish village, called Salto de Castro, was previously on sale for over €6 million but has been now dropped to just €260,000 (which is about $260,000 at current exchange rates). The owner had planned to develop it into a resort but is now wanting to just sell it due to being an “urbanite” and getting up in years.

Salto de Castro is a village that is just a 3 hour drive from Madrid and was originally built by an electricity generation company as a place for employees and their families to live while building the nearby reservoir, according to the BBC.

Here is what this Spanish village has to offer for $260,000:

  • 44 houses, five of which are independent structures
  • A church
  • A bar
  • A school with several classrooms
  • A hostel as a project to build 14 rooms with a dining room and laundry
  • An old Civil Guard barracks
  • Swimming pool
  • Sport areas

All for just $260,000! This is really something that has piqued a lot of interest with over 300 inquiries and reportedly one person already putting down a reserve amount (though it still is apparently available to purchase as well).

Imagine that – you could get an apartment in a large European city or you could buy yourself an entire village that you could make into whatever you want! 🙂

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons, user Balles2601

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