Good Deal: Unlocked Samsung S6 128GB – $599

Samsung S6
Written by Charlie

I was close to marking this deal as a great deal but I realize that many, myself included, would not classify spending $599 on a cell phone as a great deal no matter what! ๐Ÿ™‚ย To put it in perspective, if you were to buy this phone โ€“ locked to AT&T at purchase โ€“ on a brand new contract (so, subsidized), it would cost you $399. This deal requires only $200 more for no contract and already unlocked!

Good Deal: Unlocked Samsung S6 128GB โ€“ $599

However, for the phone itself, this is really a very good deal. We have seen a variety of deals on the smaller capacity 32GB Samsung S6 both with online deals and eBay deals but have not seen such a good price on the high capacity 128GB version. Space matters with this phone since Samsung did not include a microSD slot. What you buy is what you get.

Samsung S6

B&H, for today only, have the Samsung S6 128GB phone on sale. With the normal retail price for this particular device at $999, the $599 price is a bargain. I have not had one of these phones but have played with them a bit in stores and they are very nice, well built phones. They really broke the mold on the Samsung S lineup and it is a premium phone for sure. The specs for this phone read like a laptop from a few years ago โ€“ a high-end one at that!

โ€“ Samsung S6 128GB Unlocked Smartphone โ€“ $599

B&H only charges sales tax to buyers who are shipping to NYS, so keep that in mind. You can purchase it in either black or white color. Keep in mind that this phone is GSM only โ€“ meaning you will not be able to use it on Sprint, Verizon, or any of the low cost carriers that use their systems. Also, for those not familiar with B&H, they are a very large electronics/photo/video/audio superstore in Manhattan that also has great deals online. I have both shopped in-store and online many times and have had nothing but great success with them.

Moving To 128GB

While 16/32GB used to be quite sufficient for most users, the size of apps, video files, and even some audio files as made that to fill up in no time. Getting a phone with more space than you think you need right now is good protection against filling up and finding your need for a higher capacity phone later. Of course, with the cloud you may not need as much space, but it is nice to have options on the deal front.

With cell phone providers either moving away from phone subsidies or looking at doing so (Verizon is actually the latest to do so), many people are opting to buy phones outright vs doing a payment plan with their carrier. It gives them the flexibility to bounce between carriers as they see fit. Another reason to purchase an unlocked phone is the ease with which you can use it when traveling internationally. Just pick up a low-priced SIM card and prepaid plan at your destination and you are good to go with cheap data for keeping in touch!

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  • I would not pay fifty bucks for a cell phone let alone six hundred. I just upgraded to a smart phone.

    • I hear you! While I have spent much more than $50 on a smartphone, my out-of-pocket cost in the end is always way under $50. I always get a new phone every year and am able to sell it and get the next one with very little, if any, cash outlay. I did that last year with the iPhone 6+. I bought two, flipped one on eBay to someone who felt like paying $1,100 for it, and I had my phone for free! ๐Ÿ™‚