This Hotel Package Costs $450,000 – And Includes Travel in a Private Jet

$450,000 hotel package
Written by Charlie

This $450,000 hotel package includes gold-crusted food, diamond covered deserts, a private jet, private butler and a whole lot more. Still, I think there is an even better luxury hotel package!

Ok, before you even peek, take a guess what city such an over-the-top hotel package would be in! If you had the hint of inside the US, you probably would nail it that this hotel package is for a hotel in Las Vegas. For the all-in price of $450,000, you get 4 nights in the presidential suite, jewelry-topped food, gold-crusted food, massages, travel in a private jet and more.

This Hotel Package Costs $450,000 and Includes Travel in a Private Jet

Link: Venetian “Want the World” Hotel Package

To be honest, I think you should be getting a lot more for that price! The hotel that is offering this ridiculously expensive package is the Venetian in Las Vegas and they are throwing a bunch of stuff in this pot to make it worth it – to someone. I mean, someone that is going to pay $450,000 for 4 nights in a hotel probably already has a private jet or access to one, right? That seems to be a bit odd of an inclusion, but I guess they really want to make it sound worth it!

$450,000 hotel package

Some of the included benefits of the $450,000 hotel package

Here are some of the other things that this $450,000 hotel package includes:

  • 4 nights in the 6,500 square foot presidential suite
  • Transportation by private jet
  • Transfer to the hotel in a Maybach
  • Private butler
  • A replica of the resort’s signature armillary sphere hand-crafted from artisan chocolate, atop a cake adorned with a 2.5 total carat ruby and diamond necklace and matching 2.47 carat Burma ruby and diamond ring from Bellusso Jewelers
  • Drinks with gold flakes
  • Custom dinner prepared in the suite
  • 5.5 carat diamond bracelet CrazyShake (with a real 5.5 carat diamond bracelet)
  • Breakfast that includes 24k gold-dusted chicken n’ waffles
  • Personal photographer (because you know you are going to Instagram with all of these pics!)

Yeah, it just seems like it is missing a little something extra for that big $450,000 price tag. I mean, for just a mere $50,000 more, you and a friend could fly to space on the Virgin Galactic! For me, that sounds quite a bit more appealing!

Or, maybe better, you could stay for 4 nights at an underwater villa in the Maldives for just $200,000 – and then still have way more than enough money to buy first class travel to there on Emirates!

At least there is no resort fee on top of the $450K…


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