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How to Track Your Google Fi + Travel Gift Card Promotion

Written by Charlie

If you took advantage of the awesome Google Fi travel gift card promotion, you should be getting your free travel gift cards soon! Here is how to track that promo and your eligibilty for it.

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Last year, I wrote about an insane offer that Google had made to celebrate their Google Fi going out of “project” mode and mainstream to most devices. In fact, it was so good that Google underestimated the popularity of it and changed the details.

How to Track Your Google Fi + Travel Gift Card Promotion

What Is the Google Fi Travel Gift Card Promotion?

It was basically like this – new customers (transferring their numbers over) or existing customers could buy a Google Fi device through the Google store and receive the full amount of the device in travel gift cards (like Delta, Southwest, etc.). That was great!

Unfortunately, some customers had a hard time getting a hold of Google CS agents to confirm certain things or to check up on eligibility. The good news is that Google has a nice little link for Google Fi customers that will let you track your Google Fi travel gift card promotion eligibility.

How to Track Your Google Fi Travel Gift Card Eligibility

To get started, follow this link to your Google Fi account (you will need to sign in to your Google account that the phone is tied to). If it doesn’t take you right to the page, check out on the left side of the screen for the Special promotions” link. This little link will show you the steps taken so far and what you need to wait for next to receive the travel gift cards.

One Way the Promotion Page Differs from the Terms

There is one part on this update screen that is different from the actual terms (found here). That is the last little part – “phone active on Google Fi for 120 days in a row.” Here is what the terms actually have to say about this:

To qualify for this promotion, a device must be activated within 15 days of device shipment and remain active for 60 consecutive days within 75 days of device shipment.”

So, you only need to have the device remain active for 60 consecutive days to qualify. But, here is the part about the 120 days:

If Fi service is paused for more than 7 days or cancelled within 120 days of activation, the value of the gift card will be charged to your Google Payments account to match the purchased price of the device.”

This part is not aligning with the special promotions tracking. The terms clearly state that you just cannot cancel service within 120 days of activation. The terms also say that you only need to keep consecutive service for 60 days.

I assume the promotions page is just using the incorrect word and that it was supposed to be “Account” active instead of “Phone” active. It may also be referring to the fact that you need to actually have a phone on the account to keep it from cancelling, which would fall under the terms.

What Should You Do with That?

Keep all of that in mind! I know many people bought the phones to flip to get the travel cards at a discount but you may want to not be so fast on that flip. Or, you may want to get a different Google Fi phone (or talk with Google to switch to one) before you sell your Google phone you bought with this deal.

Worst case, just keep it on the account for 120 days. This way you are assured that there will not be an issue with the terms or the promotional page and you can still sell after that point.

Have Fun with Your Google Fi Travel Gift Cards!

For those who purchase the phone and activated it December 1-5, your 60 days of activation are now up and you should receive your link to your travel gift cards! For everyone else, use that link above to keep track of your promotion.

If you have been using the Google phone all this time, you know that the Google Pixel is a pretty amazing device. If you are not trapped in the iMessage/FaceTime world of Apple iOS (like I am), you may be better off staying with the Pixel anyway! You are getting gift cards to cover the cost!

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  • Grrr. I got in on the deal but didn’t realize that I had to use the same email to activate my phone as I used to purchase it. I ordered it on my personal email, decided it would be my work phone so I activated it using my work email. I was so jazzed…Fortunately I chatted with google fi to make sure I met all the requirements only to find out that I wouldn’t qualify for the deal b/c of the different emails. wth?? Had I known I would have used the same email…and NO WHERE does it state that the same email must be used. I sent that baby back and am still really sore.

  • Thank you for posting this. I was traveling when the deal came around so I ordered a device that was not suppose ship until January. But it shipped early anyway. I know I wouldn’t be able to activate within 15 days of ship so I emailed them and they replied that it would be ok to activate 15 days after delivery day. I don’t have that screen you show on your page so I chatted with them and now they won’t to honor the deal. I am so furious as I would have returned the device without opening it if I knew I wouldn’t qualify. Not sure what my recourse here is.

    • I just chatted with Google Fi and was told that they changed the activation window from 15 days to 25 days. Did you activate within that extended period? I was in the same boat as you, my phone was supposed to arrive in early January, but instead arrived in mid-December right as I was heading out of the country. I was worried that I missed the promotion on this same technicality, but my chat rep told me that I made it under the extended activation window so I’m still on track for the promotion.

      Also, folks on Reddit (r/projectfi) are saying that if you purchased your phone through the Google Store rather than through Google Fi’s page then this tracking page isn’t showing up even though people have confirmed individually that they still qualify for the promo.

      • Thanks for that Matt! So this is interesting. I did activate within the 25 day timeframe. I think I bought it from the Google Store instead of the Fi page.

        The first online chat rep I mentioned in my earlier post said I qualified, then checked with Promotions department and said that I didn’t qualify cause I missed the 15 day timeframe. I asked for a supervisor to call me back.

        In the meantime, I decided to call in and spoke to a guy who checked with the Promotions department and they also said I didn’t qualify. He was transferring me over to that department when I got “accidentally” disconnected.

        Called back and spoke to a really nice lady. She also confirmed with Promotions department that I didn’t qualify but got her supervisor to review with them along with the original email I got. They said they managed to make an exception despite the 15 days period. I got this in writing.

        The supervisor from the original online chat called back and mentioned the 25 day window that you’re referencing and said I qualified. But he didn’t check with Promotions. I got this in writing too.

        So I don’t know what to believe. I’m heading over to reddit now to see what’s being said there.

        Thanks again and good luck with the promotion following through.

        • Thanks, (Another) Matt for chiming in on this! Matt, if you have it in writing, you should be able to work with a supervisor when you have fulfilled the term of the promotion to get it honored. I believe that, in the first month, they were overwhelmed by all the people signing up and many people did not do what had been spelled out (like transferring a number for one promotion) so Google adopted a more strict look at the terms. But, after the promotion has ended, they will likely be better able to deal with things on a case-by-case basis so you could be ok. Just be careful about not doing anything like a chargeback or anything else because if Google freezes your account, it will disrupt your whole Google account (Tiffany at One Mile at a Time has talked about this). Good luck!

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