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Special Southwest Deal: Book One Flight and Get Free Southwest Companion Pass for Limited Time!

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Written by Charlie

Check out this deal – book just ONE ticket and fly and you will earn the Southwest Companion pass that will be valid for a limited time!

One of the best deals in travel is the Southwest Companion Pass. If you want to try it out for yourself and get 2 full months of free companion travel, this is the deal for you!

Southwest Free Companion Pass Deal

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Link: Southwest Free Companion Pass Deal | Make Sure You Register Here!

Normally, it takes 135,000 Rapid Reward points in a calendar year to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. Once you do, it is good for the remainder of the year you earned it in and the following year. From time to time, Southwest has a promotional pass offer. This is one of those.

It is good for just two months – August 5 – October 2, 2024 – but this is great if you have some Southwest points and want to bring someone along for some trips for free. To earn this, you must book a roundtrip ticket or two one-way tickets by March 27, 2024. The ticket(s) must then be flown by May 22, 2024. 

Reward flights do not count for this single flight you must book and take! Only cash tickets count. But, you can book any of the ridiculously cheap flights available and then you get the Southwest Companion Pass for two full months later this year. PLUS, Southwest is actually applying the same rules that the normal pass has – you can change the companion up to 3 times while you have the Pass. This means you can pick up to 4 different people over the 2 months!

There are plenty of cheap flights to book for this flight that will activate the promotional Companion Pass. Plus, you can always cancel it if you decide you don’t want to go through with this!

While 2 months is a very short time, this is a great deal for anyone that may want to take a more expensive trip on Southwest and can book a cheap ticket for the single flight. For example, I have some family who would have to pay about $350 per person on a particular route. But, they could book a $90 roundtrip ticket and then that $350 ticket is free during the Pass period! Plus, any other travel they make during that time!

I think that if you can find a cheap flight, this is a great deal to go for. Don’t forget you have until the end of day March 27 to book this ticket! Also, you need to have a free Rapid Rewards account and include that number on your reservation!

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