All You Can Eat Pasta for 7 Weeks For $100

Written by Charlie

The very popular Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion will be here soon. But, you can also buy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass that gives you 7 weeks of pasta

It is back! The very popular Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass is here and will be available for purchase tomorrow. Yep, all you can eat pasta for 7 weeks for $100 – plus, soft drinks for you and the table.

Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass

Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass

Link: Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass

Unlike past times (maybe it was this way last year?), you do not get the bread and salad with your pass. Here is what the Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass comes with:

  • Pasta, sauce, and a single topping serving from the promotional Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu
  • Unlimited Coca-Cola® soft drinks for Passholder and guests

The dates this Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass are valid for are October 3 – November 20, 2016. You can only redeem the pass once per visit. There will be 21,000 of these Never Ending Pasta Bowl Passes on sale tomorrow for $100 each. The sale goes live at 2PM ET on September 15, 2016. Olive Garden said their 20,000 passes sold out in a second last year so be ready to move fast if this is something you want.

If you don’t get it, you can always still take advantage of their regular Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion that will also begin October 3. For $9.99, it gives you a lot of pasta, sauce, and toppings – as much as you want each visit! See this page for their details.

Who Is The Never Ending Pasta Bowl Pass For?

I know what people are thinking – who wants to eat that much at the Olive Garden, who wants to stuff themselves with this kind of food, it is a lot cheaper to buy it and make it on my own, this is ridiculous! 

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  • No carryout this year–you have to eat in the restaurant. I had one of the passes last year and I could call in a lunch or dinner order for pickup. Without that advantage, I will not be buying one this year.