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Cool New TripIt Feature & 20% Discount for TripIt Pro

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Written by Charlie

TripIt has launched a new feature to their great app – TripIt Go Now. This new feature will help you leave on-time, every time for your trip! Plus, save 20%


TripIt Pro is my go-to app for my travel plans. I have been a TripIt Pro customer for years and it has saved me a lot of money and time over those years. Now, TripIt has launched a new feature, called Go Now, that helps travelers know when to head to the airport for their flight. Here are some details about this new feature, my favorite features, and a 20% discount for TripIt Pro.

TripIt’s New “Go Now” Feature

TripIt has been around for a while and has been my go-to app for travel plans. Yes, I know there are some other alternatives that have come up, including from Google. But, I have found TripIt Pro to be the best for my use due to its simplicity and automated nature. Now, TripIt takes it up another notch with a new feature that will tell you when you need to head to the airport! Though frequent travelers would likely have their routine down, it could be helpful as a simple reminder or in new cities when you need to leave for the airport.

TripIt Go Now

The TripIt app will tell you when you should leave for your flight

From TripIt: “So how does it work? As a TripIt Pro user, you’ll see the new Go Now Feature on your flight details screen in the mobile app. Twenty-four hours before any U.S. domestic flight, you can check Go Now to see a suggested time to leave for the airport based on your location, current flight status and local traffic patterns. Two hours before you need to leave, a countdown timer will begin, showing you how long you have until it’s time to head to the airport. Once you’re on your way, TripIt Pro’s Go Now feature will show your estimated arrival time.”

As you can see, it is only for TripIt Pro users (requires a subscription) and works with US domestic flights. This makes sense since airports and airlines typically will suggest varied times based on your trip and destination so it might be harder to pinpoint.

They are also offering a new feature called TripIt Navigator to help you figure the best ways to get around while also giving suggested costs. You can read more about this and the TripIt Go Now feature at this page.

What I Love About TripIt Pro

As I said, TripIt Pro has saved me a lot of time and money, as well as ease of mind, with several features. Here are a couple that I love and have saved on the most.

Link: TripIt Pro Features

Flight Tracking

Yes, you can track your flights within the airline app and even have text messages sent but I kid you not when I tell you that TripIt actually beats the airlines with their own delays! Not only that, it is great to have when your itinerary includes multiple airlines.

This little feature just saved me last night. I book flights for a lot of people and one group of people I had booked for were going to be taking a Delta flight to connect to Philippine Air. I had made the longest layover that they both felt comfortable with and wanted to have in between but an ATC delay last night backed up flights heading into NYC. This was not good and I got the alert before Delta even updated their website/boards/app with the info. I mean, I got it about 10 minutes before Delta updated it! That gave me the chance to jump on it quickly and get something changed before people at the airport/home even knew what was happening. And this has happened again and again! Big time saver and has let me grab alternate flights that I would have missed on if I waited with the crowd.

Alternate Flights

Which brings me to their Alternate Flights feature. This will suggest alternate flights for you if you do have a travel delay so you can walk up to the counter completely informed of the options before me instead of trying to check using other tools. Again, a great time saving feature for sure!

Flight Refunds

This is the money-saving part. TripIt Pro will notify you when you have a flight that you have booked and it drops in price. While change fees can be expensive, this is a way that you can save money if the price drops significantly (which has happened to me). It is also a great way to know that it is time to rebook your Southwest ticket – which you can do for free. I have saved a lot of money using this feature so definitely one that makes the membership worth it.

And a 20% Discount!

TripIt Pro is worth the $49 that it charges annually, just with its simplicity and timesaving functions alone. I have thrown some pretty complicated trips at it and it has performed like a champ every time. Sure, there are a few things that can be tweaked, like seeing travel cancellation e-mails and suggesting that that itinerary item be removed from your trip. But, overall, I am very impressed and happy with TripIt Pro.

But, you can save 20% on your first year to make it even better! I do not get anything at all from TripIt or anyone by offering this but I love to help people save money. So, head over to this page to signup (our promo code is already applied to save you 20% for your first year).

Have you used TripIt Pro? What are some of the things you like/dislike about it?

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