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Big Discounts on iPads: Starting at $249 for 9.7″ iPad with Current iPad Pros on Sale, Too

Written by Charlie

If you want the latest iPad, you can get any of them on sale today! From just $249 for the iPad 9.7″ to up to $150 off the newest iPad Pro models, there are some great deals to be had for this travel tech!

This is that uncertain time of year for people that want an iPad – Apple will likely release an updated version of their main iPad (the 9.7″ iPad) very soon. It will probably come out in a month or so and, according to rumors, it may cross the 10″ display threshold, thanks to decreased bezels (it is 2019, after all).

Big Discounts on iPads: Starting at $249 for 9.7″ iPad

With that new iPad will likely come some upgrade internals and maybe even some screen enhancements. But, that will all come at a cost. It will be at least the same price as the current iPad’s retail price (starts at $329). So, here is the dilemma – do you wait and buy the latest and greatest or do you grab the current model at a great price now?

iPads are back on sale again with $80 off the base 9.7″ model and up to $150 off the latest iPad Pro models. This means you get to pick the kind of tablet computing power you want and get it cheaper than it cost last week.

Which iPad to Buy?

For most people, the basic 9.7″ iPad will be plenty, especially since it has Apple Pencil support. But, if you are you looking for something more powerful and with more features, the latest iPad Pros are just incredible. Now, for just the second time since their launch, you can get them from $699 for the 11″ model.

With a new Apple Pencil, USB-C charging port, a better smart keyboard, and internals that rival many computers out today, the only thing holding the new iPad Pro models back from true mobile computing greatness is the operating system. Word is that the new one unveiled in June should address some of those concerns, so I leave that up to you whether that is for you!

The sale is available through Best Buy and Amazon I will link some of the models below (you can select things like color and storage capacity when you get on the page). The Amazon links are affiliate ones (so thank you for any purchases you make through them!) The only sale that is not on Amazon is for the 9.7″ iPad in Silver or Gold.

Both of those iPad Pro models are the current models and with a $100 discount. The higher you go in storage, the more you can save (up to $150).

The New iPad Pro Models are Awesome!

discounts on iPads

I have been using the 11″ iPad Pro as a computer replacement for a while (great for travel and having it with me all day). There are still some things that I prefer to do on a computer, but it is really amazing how fast and easy it is to just use the iPad. I use it on the fly for photo editing with Lightroom CC, been working on some videos with Luma Fusion, and doing most of my blogging on it.

Two negatives – browser is not a desktop browser and not a regular file system

There are some limitations since it defaults to mobile sites for many websites but, hopefully, iOS13 will have desktop browser functionality built-in (that would be awesome!). Oh, and having the LTE model with my Google Fi sim allows me to have instant internet wherever I am. 🙂

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