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Get Away from the Cold: Fly JetBlue’s Lie-Flat Mint Class from $267!

Written by Charlie

This amazing deal will actually let you fly JetBlue Mint for less than economy on the same plane for some of these dates! Plus, fly JetBlue lie-flat business for 6.5 hours to Seattle for under $400 as well!

If you are in the Northeast US, chances are you are done with the cold and wind! Even just booking travel to warmer destinations can be somewhat of a relief (I know, I lived in western NY for years!). Why not make the travel even better by booking JetBlue’s lie-flat business class cabins to great warm weather destinations like St. Lucia, Barbados, or Aruba? Do that from just $267 one-way!

Get Away from the Cold: Fly JetBlue’s Lie-Flat Mint Class from $267

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Fly JetBlue’s awesome Mint class!

The cheapest dates for flights from JFK and Boston to the Caribbean (specifically St. Lucia) with JetBlue Mint are Saturdays. They are not this cheap on every Saturday but they are available on quite a few. There are many dates available (at the time of this writing) at $267 and $303 one-way from the US. The airports with the JetBlue Mint flights are:

  • Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI)
  • St. Lucia (UVF)
  • Aruba (AUA)
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You can actually fly JetBlue Mint for less than economy!

The price for JetBlue Mint above is actually $58 cheaper than the cheapest economy ticket on the same flight! Plus, you get the extra bags, not to mention what is thought by many as the best domestic business class seat by US airlines!

You can book with either cash or points. Here are the prices for the $263 price point

  • If using JetBlue points, it will cost 18,000 points.
  • Cash, of course, is $267.
  • You can also book with Ultimate Reward points for 17,700 points (if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, otherwise it will be 21,360 with the other UR cards).
  • Another option is using Membership Rewards from the Amex Business Platinum card and with the 30% rebate, it will cost around the same as the above.

If you are headed to the Caribbean for some relaxation (I mean, that is why many people go!), no better way to head there than in JetBlue Mint! Having been to St. Lucia on my honeymoon, I can speak to how beautiful that location is if you wanted to jump on one of these cheap fares for there.

To check the flights yourself, click this link and play around with the dates.

Transcontinental JetBlue Mint

There are also many open dates for flying across the US with JetBlue Mint for cheap! You can fly from the western US to the East Coast from $399 – or do the reverse! To make it even better, those prices are available just about any day of the week (on the JFK to Seattle route, prices go up for other routes). Without a doubt, JetBlue Mint is the best way to cross the US in business class and these prices also make it the cheapest way to go as well.

A 6.5 Hour Flight in Business for $399 is Great!

jetblue mint cheap

Yeah, Seattle is not the Caribbean but it is some beautiful country! So, if you like gorgeous coastal views and some rain to go with it, try out Seattle (or head to New York City from Seattle!). At $399 for a 6.5 hour flight, that is a really great deal for something like JetBlue Mint! I mean, some flights from the East Coast to Europe are only 1-2 hours longer than that but you would pay way more for business class to do that!

jetblue mint cheap

The JFK to Seattle route is available most days of the week at the cheapest prices!

To look up these flights easily, just click this link and then play with the dates and direction yourself!

Tip: Rows 1, 3, 5 have a 2 seat configuration while rows 2 and 4 have single seats with doors for the suites – if you want more privacy.

Featured image courtesy of JetBlue

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