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Sunday Summary – Increased Southwest Offers, US Air Card w/ 10K Annual Bonus, Great Amex Offers, and More

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Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the past week.

Hyatt Diamond Challenge Pulled

The Hyatt Diamond Challenge, the best and easiest way to achieve Hyatt Diamond, has been pulled. This post looks at the ways to achieve Hyatt Diamond going forward, and it might be cheaper than you think.

Lightning Deal: Select Running Shoes 50% and 60% Off

Hopefully you saw and got in on this deal! This Lighting Deal gave an incredible percentage off some very good running shoes. Make sure you follow Running with Miles to not miss deals like this in the future.

Your Smartphone Can Open Doors At These Hotels Starting Today

Your smartphone just got a little bit smarter as you can now use it to check-in and unlock your doors at these 10 hotels. The list will be expanding over the coming year as well so make sure you keep your eyes on your phone for those hotels!

Get Away To Europe For Up To 50% Fewer Miles This Winter With Flying Blue

Flying Blue presents some excellent award options at up to 1/2 as many miles during this promo period. There are quite a few airports in this promo this time around so you may be able to easily (and cheaply) get to Europe this winter for as little as 25,000 miles roundtrip.

Get 20% Off Select Luggage, Shoes, Clothes From Amazon Sale

This sale ends Tuesday so you still have some time to get in on this! The values here are plenty and you could get some really nice luggage (and other stuff) for 20% off.

Confirmed: Hyatt Diamond Challenge Dead

I heard back from Hyatt’s corporate offices and they have confirmed that the Hyatt Diamond Challenge was pulled. They may launch something in the future as they anticipate their approach going forward, but it is dead for now.

Bluesmart Smart Carry-on For Free – Through Referrals

The Bluesmart carryon has a lot of promise for being a very technological advance in luggage. Even better than that, though, is that you can actually get it for free if you refer enough people to the purchase of the bag!

A Great Time To Get The JetBlue Amex Card

The JetBlue Amex card is not one that is typically at the top of people’s application priority list. However, you may want to apply for this card at some point soon. There may be some shakeups with this card and that can help you now and later.

US Airways Card With 10K Mile Anniversary Bonus

There is another link back that gives the 10K mile anniversary bonus on the US Airways credit card. It offers the same amount of miles up front as the regular offer, so this is definitely a card to apply for before the link disappears.

Anniversary Sale on RoadID – Safety Gear For Travel and Running

Staying safe on the road and in your travels is a very important thing to do. This little item can help you stay safe and identifiable in the case of emergency.

Get 20% Cash Back On GoPro HERO4 Cameras

The new GoPro HERO cameras are out and people have really been raving about them. Here is a way you can get 20% cash back on these excellent cameras now!

Great Deal: $50 Back On $200 Spend At Marriott

Another great deal from American Express – get $50 cash back on $200 spending at Marriott hotels. You can use this towards stays or buy gift cards at Marriott hotels to receive the cash back and then use it at any Marriott brand.

Get the Southwest Companion Pass for 2015 and 2016

The Southwest Companion Pass is the best airline deal around. Using the application strategies in this post, you can get the companion pass for almost two full years!

Targeted: Earn 15,000 US Airway Miles for $1,500 Spend

Make sure you check your e-mail or mailbox! There are targeted offers for spending over a three month period and earning 15,000 US Airway miles!

New Amex Cash Back Offers

American Express has released some new cash back offers and they are pretty good! One of them is a 10% cash back offer on purchases at Best Buy of $250. There are other nice ones as well.

Earn Your Own Silvercar Rental Affiliate – $100 Per Rental

Silvercar is the premium car rental service that operates by smartphone. They have bumped up the referral bonus and this is your chance to throw your referral link in the ring to earn $100 per rental that your referred person makes.

Why Free WiFi At Hotels Is Not A Must (for me!)

Hotel WiFi can certainly be hit and miss. Even at large chains where you would expect that it is good, it is neither good nor free. But, if you properly prepare, you are ready to go with WiFi at any hotel with an ethernet plug.

The Plane That Hit The Buffalo

This past week, an airplane actually hit a buffalo on takeoff. Fortunately, the only casualty was the buffalo (this occurred in India).

Great Deal: Extra 40% Off Reebok Outlet + $25 Cash Back w/ Amex

Using a cash back offer from American Express, outlet pricing, and a discount coupon, you can get some incredible products from Reebok.

Book American Airline Awards Before 2015 To Get Up To 10,000 Mile Rebate

Thanks to a great perk of the Citi Platinum AAdvantage card, you can get a bonus of 10,000 miles each calendar year, based on the amount of miles you have spent. Make sure you book those awards before January 1 to take advantage of the rebate for this year!

Do You Know More Than The Airline and Hotel Representatives?

As mile and point enthusiasts, it is not uncommon to know more than many airline and hotel representatives. How do you handle it when that rep gives you the wrong information?

Combining The Same Amex Offers For Larger Transactions

The American Express Offers are a great way to get money on spending you may plan on doing. The problem is that the item you might want to buy may require a few of these offers to get the most cash back. This post shows you how to do combine those offers through using multiple credit cards and gift cards.

Broken Propeller Hits An Airplane Passenger

Because of an accident involving a blown tire, a propeller broke and actually hit a passenger in the airplane in the head. Fortunately, the passenger is alive and has only suffered soreness and bruises.

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