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Sunday Summary: Guide To Credit Card Annual Free Nights, Google With Cheap International Data, $650 Phone As Credit Card Bonus, Earn 2,500 Alaska Miles, 15% Off On Hawaii Hyatts,

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Thanks for checking in to this week’s Sunday Summary. Here are the posts from this past week so you can catch up in one glance.

Today Is The Boston Marathon! How To Watch And Track It

This past Monday was the Boston Marathon, an incredible race to track and watch. This post showed those interested how to do both – it was a great race to follow!

Great Deal: Up To 13X Miles & Points At Staples + Visa Checkout Discount

A great point generating opportunity from Staples came up this past week, a somewhat rare portal hike for purchasing online! This deal is no longer available.

Southwest Changes And The Loss Of An Important Feature

Southwest had (kind of) announced an upcoming change for April 17th and this post looks at some of the changes that occurred and what I believe is the loss of an important feature of the Rapid Rewards program.

Earn 2,500 Alaska Airline Miles By Referral – And Why This Is Great

Banks offer miles and points for referrals to friends and families, that is nothing new. But, this offer by Alaska is great for a chain of referring customers again, so worth checking out!

Great Deal: Sam’s Club Membership For $45 w/ $20 Gift Card – Works Great For Open Box Wonders!

Still Available as of this writing

This is a great deal for anyone – get your money back in gift cards and product, and then some. Not only that, but it opens the doors for some great deals!

Amazon Delivers Hotels With Amazon Destinations

Amazon has inserted themselves into the travel booking business with Amazon Destinations. Find out what the deal is and where they are offering hotel reservations.

The Most Difficult Part Of My Upcoming Runs Around the World

In my upcoming round the world run/trip, there will certainly be some challenges. But, there is one part that will likely present the most difficulty.

Getting More Discounts – By Learning To Walk Away Online

We all love getting discounts. Here is a way to get discounts by walking away – online!

Great Deal: Garmin 910XT For $121 At Best Buy Canada

This deal is no longer available.

If you are in Canada and wanted a great deal on a Garmin device, this was absolutely the best deal around on this fantastic watch! Hopefully, you got in on it!

IHG’s Share Forever Promo And A Cheaper Way To Get The Points

IHG has launched a new promo but it is not the best or cheapest way to earn points if you do not have a lot of planned stays.

Google Launching Low Cost Cell Service With International Data Included – As Little As $30 Per Month

Google is launching a great new cell service – with international data included! There are no contracts and a fantastic refund on unused data.

Save 15% On Hyatt Hotels In Hawaii Through 2015

Planning a trip to Hawaii at some point this year? This discount may help you out!

Get A Free Phone (Up To $650) With The Citi AT&T Access More Card

An interesting new credit card bonus – get a free phone (up to $650) out of contract! This is an intriguing and compelling credit card offer that many may be interested in.

Calling Yourself An “Airline Hacker” May Get You In Trouble

A lot of people call themselves a variety of terms+hacker. The FBI is definitely cracking down more to prevent true airline hacking, so be careful what you call yourself!

The Credit Card Guide To Annual Free Nights

Credit cards that come with anniversary bonuses are great. Here is a complete guide to the hotel cards that come with annual free nights or points.

Why I Chose The Cities And Routes For My Round The World Trip

I selected my 6 cities for my 6 marathon distance runs based on several requirements. Here is a breakdown on why I chose the cities and routes for this big trip.

What To Look For And How To Track The London Marathon Tomorrow

The London Marathon took place today and saw a pretty great race!

Deal Roundup: Gift Cards 20% Off, Oakley Sunglasses On Sale, LG Activity Tracker

These are some pretty great deals that made my deal roundup for today. Pick up some gift cards on sale, Oakley Sunglasses on sale, and a one-day special on an activity tracker from LG.

The GO! St. Louis Marathon Honors The Real Winner In A Special Way

The GO! St. Louis Marathon saw a cheater break the tape in this year’s race and the marathon committee went above and beyond to see that the real winner got the attention and recognition that she deserved.


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