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24 hours in Iceland
Written by Charlie

The Google Chromecast giveaway is still running for a few more hours! Click here to go to the post to enter.

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the week.

Save 25% On JetBlue Award Tickets

A great, short-term promo that stacked with the American Express transfer bonus. A nice way to get some decent award flights at a redemption value of 1.5 cents per point or better.

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Is This Early Registration Just TOO Early?

A lot of races have early registration rates. It is a nice way to attract runners early on in the process and bring in some money. Most of the early registration rates are for no more than one year in advance. This race? The early registration process for this is just ridiculous!

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Did You Win the Google Chromecast Giveaway?

Last weekend, I ran a giveaway for the Google Chromecast. This post detailed the lucky winner!

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How To Take Advantage of the Chase Slate Card Offer

The Chase Slate card does not offer points as a sign-up bonus, but it does have a unique offering that may be of use to you as you chase down other credit card offers.

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Credit Cards With More Miles Than Meet The Eye

This post is about two credit cards that offer more miles than the bonus mentions. The way the miles are earned are not in the typical bonus fashion, but they can still be counted as a valuable part of your program.

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Running In Dad’s Footsteps

It is a great thing to run with friends and family members. I am finally able to enjoy one of the most precious forms of a running partnership that there is, and it is pretty great!

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Did You Get Targeted For the 50,000 Hyatt Point Promo?

Hyatt started sending out some pretty big promotions – up to 50,000 points! But, it was a targeted promotion. Here is how you can find out if you were targeted.

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Hyatt’s Consolation Promotion

As a follow-up to the 50,000 Hyatt promotion, Hyatt began to send out other targeted promos with a wide ranging point spread. Many more people have been targeted, but still others are left out.

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Good Deal on A Canon Camera With Lots of Points

The Canon Powershot SX170 IS has received some pretty decent reviews, enough that it would make for a great camera for personal use or for travel. It has a nice zoom – 16X optical – with 16 megapixels and optical image stabilization. The camera can shoot 720p video and has a nice, wide 28mm lens to allow for all kinds of shots. Read here to find out how you can pick it up at a great price with a lot of points!

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Great Free Rental Promo From National

If you have read any of my posts on rental cars, you know that my (current) favorite when it comes to rental car loyalty programs is the National Emerald Club. They have some great perks (including additional drivers at no charge), with the best being the selection of cars that you get from the Aisle (better range of cars depending on your elite status). Now, they have launched their One Two Free program. This program allows you to receive one free rental day for every two qualifying rentals.

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6 Of The Smallest Hotel Rooms In the World

If you ever walked into your room and got disappointed/frustrated/upset/angry about the size of the room, you may just need to take a step back and look at these rooms to gain a little perspective! Getting a nice suite as an upgrade at your hotel can be a really nice thing, but sometimes it is nice just to have a roof over your head. These hotels are very small but they are really something special as well.

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Marriott 70,000 Point Offer Still Going Strong

While many people have been talking about the Marriott offer expiring, it is actually still going strong until September 15 – still time to jump on it if you are interested!

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Review: Park Hyatt Seoul

The Park Hyatt Seoul is a very special hotel. It offers great luxury at a really great value. The food is good, the views are alluring, and the furniture is excellent.

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Earning Up To 165,000 Hilton Points – With the Virgin Atlantic Card

The Virgin Atlantic card has a great sign-up bonus right now, but its best use may not be for Virgin Atlantic travel but for stays at Hilton hotels! Read more to find out!

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24 Hours In Iceland

During my trip to Iceland last year, I had a great chance to explore some of the highlights this island nation has to offer. Here are some of the highlights and things you must see if you have 24 hours in Iceland.

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Great Deal: 45% Off Asics Gel-Storm 2 Running Shoe

The Amazon Gold Box deal of the day was actually targeted at runners! They had a decent shoe on sale for almost 50% off!

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Great Deal: Garmin Fenix 2 $100+ Off

The Garmin Fenix 2 is an awesome watch and it is now available at an awesome price! Find out where you can pick it up and what points you can receive.

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Giveaway: The Google Chromecast Giveaway Round 2!

You have a few hours left to enter for the Google Chromecast! Check it out there!

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How Much Money Does A Big City Marathon Bring To The City?

Marathons are big business for big cities. Just how much money do these marathons bring in? A lot more than you might expect!

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How Often Does United Change Their Baggage Policy?

United Airlines seems to really like changing their baggage policy frequently. The worse part is that you cannot tell what it is they have changed. Better check to make sure that your baggage allowance has stayed the same!

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