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Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the week.

One Day Only: Save $20 On Kindle Paperwhite

Thanks to a one day sale, many people had a chance to grab the incredible Kindle Paperwhite for under $100. If you are looking for a great electronic device for reading anywhere, this is the unit you want! Keep checking the blog for deals in the future!

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The Case For The United Card For Everyday Use

The United MileagePlus Explorer card has a limited-time bonus of 50,000 miles. That is a fantastic deal! But, what about using the card after you get the sign-up bonus? Here are some thoughts on using the card for everyday use and why you want to.

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Hotel Charges $500 For Bad Reviews?

What would you think about a hotel charging you $500 for leaving a negative review online? This hotel thought it was a good idea (even though they backpedaled and called it a “joke”) to have this as a policy.

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Time Running Out On These Opportunities

I had a Hilton status giveaway and the incredible Freewavz earphone Kickstarter came to a close this past week. Both events were a great success!

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Hotel Results and Did You Win?

This post detailed the results from the hotel giveaway and showed which hotels were the favorite. There were some surprises on this list!

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Getting the Phantom United 50,000 Mile Business Offer

The United business card also has a 50,000 mile offer, but you need to work for it a bit! Here is how to find out how to get it.

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Buy Hyatt Points And Receive Up To 40% Bonus

Hyatt is running a sale on their Gold Passport points with up to a 40% bonus. But, is it a good deal to buy? Check out the analysis!

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The ANA Credit Card Ups Its Game

The ANA credit card has had some pretty lackluster credit card offers. This offer shows that they are starting to make them a little better, but not quite what we are used to yet.

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“Great” Airline and Hotel Offers and Sales

What do you do with these airline and hotel offers that you get in your e-mail inbox all the time? There is the occasional gem in there, but this post will help you sort through to find what you are looking for.

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Freewavz Earphones Are Coming!

The Freewavz earphones cleared their Kickstarter goal are set to be shipped in the coming months. If you got in on this, you have some great things to look for! If you did not, check out their website to preorder them at a discounted price.

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Good Deals On Garmin GPS Units

The Garmin GPS watches are my absolute favorite for running. This post shows some of the current deals on these wonderful watches.

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US Airways Off-Peak Caribbean Awards

US Airways offers the best off-peak Caribbean awards. The required miles match travel within the US, so these deals are pretty amazing!

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Kindle Unlimited – A Must For Travelers

Now that I have had time with the new Kindle Unlimited offering, I can say that this program should be a must for travelers. It offers a lot of travel guides for you to use for one low price per month, which you can cancel at any time.

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Earn 1,200 Southwest Points and Save 10% with Dollar – Good Or No?

A new bonus offering from Southwest for rental cars, but is it a good deal? It can be, but there is one variable that could really mess up the numbers for you. Find out here!

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United Airlines App Will Now Scan Your Passport

United Airlines is taking a step towards completely removing the check-in desk for passengers who travel internationally with only carry-ons. It can be very useful, but there may be some security concerns over time as well.

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A Benefit Of Winning a Marathon

Of course you get money and fame when winning a marathon, but there was another recent benefit for one American marathon winner!

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A Simple Travel Accessory That Could Save You Money and Time

Thanks to a simple travel accessory, you could save time and money on your next visit to the airport! It is cheap and completely packable!

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7 Amazing Places To Run

The world is a beautiful place! Miles and points help us to reach those places, and here are 7 of those places that are amazing to run. Some of them might be quite local with others on the other side of the world!

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Save $100 On iPads/Tablets And Earn Big Points = $379 iPad Air

Thanks to a great coupon from Staples, it was possible to get a top-notch tablet for a lot less – and pick up the points while you are at it!

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Getting Points and Discounts Buying Sports Tickets

It is always great to earn points, but would you pay more to do so? Here is an analysis at buying sports tickets from various resellers and whether it makes sense to purchase from some, even with the points. Thankfully, there is one clear winner on price and points!

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An Unintended Method of Manufactured Spending

Sometimes we stumble on ways to manufacture spend. Here is one example where that happened to me, but you really do not want this to happen to you in order to get the spending!

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