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Written by Charlie

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Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the stories that were covered throughout the week.

Sunday Summary

7 Weeks Until Dubai!

I am returning to Dubai in January for their marathon and really hoping to set a PR there this time! I had a disappointing run last year and really want to turn that around. I will be using a couple of different airlines to get there, as well as different mile programs so stay tune for an overview of the trip!

Weekend Dash: Trail Runs 12/14-12/15

As a way of helping people to reach different races in different places, I have begun to have a “Weekend Dash” where I will propose a race for a particular weekend and how to get there. I had started putting these a week or two out but, due to feedback, will be moving that more to a month or so out to give others more time to plan.

One-Day Amazon Kindle Deals

I am a big fan of the Kindle. I have had a few different models ever since the first Kindle was released and always love them. For reading, they definitely beat tablets in readability and battery life. This sale was a nice, one-day shot to get one of three models at 20% off.

Things To Do Before US Airways Exits Star Alliance

The merger between American Airlines and US Airways has happened! Over the next few months, the airline integration will bring the airlines closer to the new American Airlines. However, as exciting as that may be for many flyers, there are some things to do with US Airways before that merger fully integrates. Check out what those things are here in this post.

End of the Year Checklist: Amex Platinum Airline Fee Credit

The end of 2013 is fast approaching! There are some things to do in the travel realm before the calendar rolls over. One of those important things is to use your $200 airline reimbursement credit from your American Express Platinum card!

Miles and Points Sprint: Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines Enhancements

Airline enhancements are not always the most beneficial program changes for the flyer. However, in both of these instances, the enhancements were mostly positive for us! Finally, some good airline news for the flyer!

Making a Dash Miles and Points Package

Since I started a new series of the Weekend Dash to help runners pick a destination to go run in for a weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate how to build an effective dash miles and points package – a mile slush fund, so to speak.

Races for 2014

Many readers have been asking me about what races I plan on running for 2014, so I decided to put the list together here along with the reason I chose each race. Be warned – this list can and will change as time goes by! I just wrote this post a few days ago and already am ready to put a new race on the list for February!

25% Off Select Running Shoes at Amazon

It is always nice to find a great deal on running footwear. If you running shoe model is in this list from Amazon, it gives you a chance to get an extra 25% off from Amazon!

Happy Birthday, Blog – Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Running with Miles turns 2 in a couple of weeks so I have started to have a little celebration! The first big giveaway is for an Amazon Kindle Fire! There is still time to enter, so get over to that post to comment to win. There are under 200 comments right now, so you still have a great chance of winning. Thanks for reading!

Answer to International Roaming Costs?

No question – roaming with your cell phone around the world can get expensive if you stick with your home SIM. If you decide to put a local SIM in when you arrive at your destination country, you have to deal with finding a place and keeping it filled. How about if you could do both easily and at a cheap rate? This might be the answer!

Earn 25,000 AA Miles With New Sign-up of DIRECTV

Here is a nice offer to help you bring in 25,000 AA miles – at no extra cost than the regular offer! If you were thinking of signing up, this may help you to hasten that!

Junk Mail Saturday

It has been a while since I had a Junk Mail Saturday! This one has an interesting offer I received in my inbox. Probably one of the most pathetic credit card bonuses that I have ever seen!

Do Not Forget the Kindle Fire Giveaway!

What can I say? I really love the feedback that I have been getting in the comments for the giveaway and want more so do not forget to enter!

Great Tool for the Runner: Dailymile

To help you in your running program, it can be extremely helpful to keep a log. Even better is a log that can be shared with your friends. It really helps to get encouragement and to be pressured to stick to your program. If you decide to sign-up, send me a friend invite so we can follow each other!

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