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You Can Now Apply for a US Passport At Fedex and Get It in One Day – But, It Will Cost You

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Written by Charlie

Now if you need a US passport in a hurry, you can apply for it at a FedEx office and get it back in as quick as 1 day! But, it will cost you to do that!

Alright, you have your tickets booked, hotels lined up, activities planned and you are putting your things together for the flight tomorrow. It is then that you notice that your passport has either expired or will expire in less than 3 months (the space of time many countries require validity for before entry – sometimes 6 months).

Apply for a US Passport at FedEx and Get It in One Day – But, It Will Cost You!

Link: FedEx Passport Application

Now, you get that horrible feeling in your gut as you see your dream trip start to slip away. You are too far from a US Passport Agency so what do you do?

This would be the type of scenario where this new partnership between FedEx and RushMyPassport could be useful – as long as you are willing to pay quite a bit to get it done! As of July 1, customers can now go to a FedEx office and actually apply for or renew a passport and have it back in as little as one day. This is due to their partnership with RushMyPassport.

Even though there are US Passport Agencies around the country (see the list here) that can get this done for you on the spot as well (with only paying the regular passport fees and expedite fee), not everyone lives near one and if you need one this fast, chances are your time is short. I have used them a couple of times and the last time the passport was ready in 2 hours!

What Is the Fee for Getting a Passport Through FedEx?

Here is the chart for what it will cost you (in addition to the $170 passport fee for the government for the passport and expedited rate).

fedex passports

So, if you need your passport (whether a new one or renewal) in one business day, you will be paying a total of $629That is a huge amount of money but if this is for a business trip that cannot be postponed or some once-in-a-lifetime trip or similar with non-refundable travel plans, you may be willing to swallow it.

Also, you can get your passport photo done at FedEx if you need that as well.

Consider the US Passport Agencies

There are 26 US Passport Agencies around the US. Chances are pretty good you are within a 6 hour drive of one of them. The only problem would be as to whether there is an appointment slot opened for you (though some, like NYC, have been ok with walk-in appointments).

Unlike the FedEx way, you will only pay the passport fee plus expedite fee. That means $170 for a passport renewal or $195 for a new passport. Again, though, consider things like your time just before leaving the country and the cost of the gas and tolls to get to an agency. In the end, you may find that the $449 fee above isn’t as bad as you would think in comparison.

Besides, if you have a few days, the price drops significantly so there is that to consider.

To find out how to get a US passport in as little as 1 or 2 hours, visit this page.

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