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Why Passengers Think the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Banned on Airplanes

samsung galaxy note 7 is banned
Written by Charlie

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned on a growing list of airlines around the world. It is interesting to hear why passengers think it is banned!

As a tech geek and aviation geek, there are times that both of those interests collide in a way that make news and it always jumps out at me. The most recent case is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (a fantastically reviewed smartphone, by the way) and how airlines around the world have banned its use onboard.

Why Passengers Think the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Banned on Airplanes

It is probably the only addition to the flight attendant announcement in years, and you can tell that from how they read it! But, the ones I have heard do not explain why you cannot use it onboard. So, that leaves it up to the passengers to discuss – and there are some interesting opinions on why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned on airplanes!

What we will do is offer a multiple choice answer for you to select from on actual reasons that I heard passengers giving as to why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned on airplanes. Go ahead and guess from the list below and see if you are right about the answer!

Passenger Reasons that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Banned on Airplanes

  1. “That phone allows people to take control of the plane”
  2. “Apple paid the airlines to ban that phone from airplanes”
  3. “That phone is too heavy to use, it’s like a laptop”
  4. “Some of those phones have exploded”

What is your answer?

If you answered number four, then you are correct! There have been about 35 reports of the phone’s battery catching fire or exploding. This is why Samsung has recalled the phones and offered to send replacements out to all customers who had bought them. Samsung is expected to send out an update that will prevent the phone from charging past 60% but it is obviously not a great thing to have your phone’s battery limited to a little more than half a charge.

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