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Opening Soon: The First Hyatt Hotel in Santorini, Greece – the Magma Resort

Written by Charlie

Get ready! A new Hyatt hotel is opening in Santorini very soon! There are plenty of dates for points and some sweet suites available!

If you are quite familiar with Hyatt and Greece, you may be thinking, “whaaat, the “first”?” It is true, actually, that this is the first Hyatt property as it is being opened under the Hyatt Unbound Collection. The other properties on Santorini bookable through Hyatt are with the Small Luxury Hotels and are bookable with Hyatt as a partnership. So, what is this new property and what is the advantage of it being a Hyatt portfolio hotel?

The First Hyatt Hotel in Santorini, Greece – the Magma Resort

The Magma Resort in Santorini is the first Hyatt-affiliate hotel on the Greek island. It is being operated by SWOT Hospitality (based in Athens) and will be open for visitors August 10. This is actually a prime time for a hotel on a Greek island since the time around August 15 is a huge vacation timeframe in Greece so this will likely appeal to many who are looking for a luxury resort. Even better, it may pick up guests who are not able to otherwise find such a property on Santorini as many have already been booked up.

It is a Category 7 which means that in off-peak time, it will be 25,000 points per night, 30,000 points per night at the standard rate, and 35,000 points per night in peak time – which is the entire tourist season for Santorini. It switches to the 25,000 point off-peak rate on October 8 – this is an awesome time to go as most tourists are gone but it is still warm enough to be enjoyable!

Benefits of it Being a Hyatt Property

While SLH properties are unique already, there are some disadvantages to booking them with Hyatt. One is that you can only get the standard rooms on points – you cannot use the Hyatt point structure to book suites. Another is that there are no Hyatt Globalist benefits when booking at SLH properties.

As the Unbound Collection is in the Hyatt portfolio, you can do things like book suites with points. But, be aware that this will cost you a lot of points! However, until September 5th, Hyatt credit cardholders can get 20% back at Unbound properties! But, you must register here by July 31!

The Magma Resort

The property is on the slopes of Vourvoulos and just a 10 minute drive from the airport. For those wondering about the iconic location of Oia, it is a 20 minute drive from there.

The resort was designed with the traditional Cylcadic dwelling in mind. There are a total of 59 rooms and suites with 46 of those featuring private pools and hot tubs. The resort has a wellness center and indoor pool as well as an infinity pool that should provide some awesome views.

The restaurant, Magma by Spondi, is directed by a two-starred Michelin Chef and is to feature local signature dishes as well as some other options.

Prices in Cash and Points

On a random August night, rates start at just under €700 per night for a guest room with the point rate being 35,000 points. If you want to bump up to a standard suite – which is the Lava Suite Seaview with Jacuzzi – it will cost €1,397 or 53,000 points. Finally, if you want to go all the way up in points for a suite – with is the Lava Suite Seaview with Private Pool – it will cost you €1,497 or 70,000 points. It appears that it is the same as the Standard Suite with the exception of swapping the private pool for the jacuzzi. For an extra 17,000 points, I think I’m good with skipping the private pool.

It would appear that the best bang for your points would be the Standard Suite which would get you about 2.6 cents per point on your redemption.

Just watch for the cancellation policy as, for that night, it was requiring a 21 day cancellation and deposit.

Bottom Line

With travelers from all over flocking to the Greek islands, specifically islands like Santorini, it is nice to see more point options opening up. Hilton has opened up their beach resort in Santorini this year as well so now we have two new options this year! 

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  • Post title is misleading to say the least. As for this new hotel, there are definite negatives to booking one of the SLH Hyatt options as an elite but this “Hyatt Hotel” as you call it is in a less than optimal location for those visiting Santorini. So in the end, I would think most will take the SLH options in optimal locations with less elite benefits over this hotel considering the redemption rates don’t vary that much.

    • Title is not misleading unless you can tell me of another Hyatt property in Santorini? The SLH properties are not in the Hyatt portfolio and the Unbound Collection properties are.
      Having more options is a plus. Being able to redeem points for a suite is a plus. Being able to use points for a room/suite and not having to pay extra for bringing a child along is a plus. For some, having close access to the airport is a plus as well.
      For me, if I am wanting a suite, this is what I am booking. I’m not paying cash to get a suite at a SLH property.

      • People go to Santorini for the view….period…..and you won’t get that at this hotel. You might get a suite and get to bring your kids along but that is not why someone makes the trip to Santorini. To each his/her own.