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Hilton Opening a Beach Resort in Santorini – Each Room with Hot Tub or Pool

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Written by Charlie

Hilton is getting a beach resort in Santorini! Find out more about this new hotel that will open next year on a private beach on the beautiful island of Santorini.

Hilton is opening their very first property on the very popular Greek island, Santorini. It is scheduled to open in 2022 and will be called the Sea Breeze Santorini Beach Resort.

Hilton Opening Beach Resort in Santorini

This new Hilton resort will enter Santorini in the Hilton Curio Collection. It will have just 37 rooms but each of those rooms will have either a private hot tub or a private pool as well as a private terrace.

The hotel will also have its own private beach which is certainly something valuable for a hotel in Santorini where beach access is considered extremely prime. The hotel will be on the southern tip of the island in Exomitis.

The hotel will host two restaurants and two bars, one of each being on the beach. This hotel is a franchise property being built with Alexandros Ltd.

No word yet on the award cost per night but you can definitely trust that it will be one of the points ranges if what Hilton has to say about this comes true.

Regardless of the number of points required, it will certainly be nice to have another points option on the island of Santorini, especially since Hilton has no property currently on the island. I would hope that this hotel would open in time for the tourist season, which it should be able to.

Source: Hilton Newsroom

Featured image courtesy of Hilton Hotels

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  • Charlie, do you find Santorini to be greatly overhyped? There are parts that are quite pretty but overall it’s okay rather than amazing. I remember being at a 2019 miles and points meetup where I was speaking with an extremely well traveled woman when another woman kind of joined us. The new woman said that she was going to spend a week in Santorini and before I could say anything about how that was an awful lot of time, the well traveled woman just said “Why?’. I almost spit out my beer in laughter at the bluntness of the response but can’t really argue with the point.

    Greece is your purview. What do you think?

    • I agree 🙂 And I went there for my honeymoon lol.

      Few days is nice I guess so you can say you made it there at least once.

      Tomorrow in my blog I reveal the award pricing for this property, it will…shock you!

    • I only spent a very short time there but from many of the friends in Greece that have gone and spent time there, I do think it is overhyped. The views are excellent and kind of bucket list worthy but it gets so crowded (and expensive!) that you would likely be better off trying out some of the smaller islands that also have amazing sunset views and very nice beaches. Plus, they are cheaper. 🙂