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Going to Greece this Summer? Aegean’s Family Deal with Let You Save on Flights with Kids

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Written by Charlie

If you are traveling to Greece, Aegean Airlines is a great way to get around the country and you can save on fares for children with this special Family deal.

Every summer, the Greek airline Aegean Airlines runs promotions for family bookings. Greece is a very family focused country and this is part of making sure that families with kids are able to fly for less. Here is the deal and there are just a couple of days left to book it!

Aegean Airlines Family Flight Offer

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Link: Aegean Airlines Family Flight Offer

Here are the main details of this Aegean Airlines family deal:

  • Book by May 21, 2024
  • Travel between June 10 – October 31, 2024
  • 60% discount for children by booking the Family fare
  • 40% discount discount for choosing the ComfortFlex fare
  • Infants fly free with Family or ComfortFlex fares

Also, if you have a Together account, you will earn a bonus of 5,000 miles with your booking! In addition, Family fares come with a 50% discount on pre-purchased checked baggage, unlimited changes to your flights without rebooking fee, free standard seat selection, and 20% extra miles for the Together ForFamilies accounts.

I have flown Aegean dozens of times, both by myself and with my family, and they certainly do a great job of taking care of you onboard. With kids, it is a very great experience and what you will get from the moment you step onboard is a whole Greek experience, getting you ready for when you arrive and kick off your Greek holiday.

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  • Hi Charlie,

    I have a question about increasing my M+B tier. Yes I’m aware it’s out of topic but I can’t leave any comments on your post about M+B about a year ago. Feel free to move this comment to a more appropriate post if you want.

    Anyhoo, I have an uncredited Star alliance flight that I can add to M+B. At the moment I have 0 flights with A3 but if I add the Star alliance flight I’ll just barely reach the 35k miles needed for a silver upgrade. My question is: if I add the Star alliance flight now and get to 35k miles (and silver tier), can I add SIX A3 flights later and 1 thousand more M+B miles to get to gold, OR will the 35k miles used to get to silver be considered “gone” so I have to start from -almost- zero miles to get to gold?

    I know I can just fly 2 short A3 flights to reach silver with my current miles AND still have miles leftover for an upgrade to gold (with 4 more A3 flights of course) AND I can still credit the Star Alliance flight afterwards, but A3 doesn’t fly anywhere near where I am now.

    What do you advise?
    Thanks a bunch!

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