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Lower Spending Offer For SPG Business Amex, A Deal Case Study, A Points Package For Costa Rica, Support Wounded Warriors Project, Deal Roundups, and More!

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Written by Charlie

This post gives a roundup of the posts found throughout the week here at Running with Miles. There were a lot of posts covering travel deals, item deals, running posts, credit cards and more!

Roundup Of Great New Amex Offers

Last week, we saw a lot of great new Amex Offers hit. It is important to be ready to save these offers when they hit as the best deals can disappear quickly. If you want to save them automatically, check out Wandering Aramean’s tool Sync Offers to sync automatically on Twitter.

Southwest Sale – Great For Fall Travel

Southwest sale’s are just about a monthly rollout. But, they are great for future travel and for travel already booked. Because you can cancel tickets for free (and get a refund of a cash ticket as credit towards future flights), these sales are a great way to save money.

Great eBay Coupon: 10% Off Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and More TODAY ONLY

eBay ran a wonderful coupon for everyone that was for 10% off all kinds of electronics. Unlike the targeted 5X eBay Bucks offers, this was straight 10% off offer and was a great way to save some money.

New Southwest Schedule Just Misses Walt Disney World Marathon

Southwest released their new schedule and, unfortunately, it just missed the timing of the biggest running event in Orlando. If you need to book the travel now, check out JetBlue who’s schedule is open in February.

JetBlue’s Summer Sale – Fares Starting At $29

JetBlue launched a sale of their own with a city pair starting at $29. JetBlue sale’s can be another great way to lock in great tickets and to get those prices in for summer travel is wonderful.

Up To 20% Off/Back On Tech With eBay Code + [Targeted] eBay Bucks

eBay decided to run another 10% off code on the same day they ran a targeted 5X eBay Bucks offer. This equated to getting $50 off a $500 item plus getting $50 back to spend on eBay in the future! This is one of those great deal combos that you need to look out for!

Get 1,000 Hyatt Points And Discounts With Avis

Hyatt and Avis have a nice promotion going on now where you can get discounts, upgrades, and 1,000 Hyatt points. If you have an upcoming car rental, this is a great thing to consider to build up your hotel point account.

Build A Getaway Points Package To Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and one I would love to explore more on another visit. This post shows you how you can build a points package to get and stay there for almost nothing!

SPG Amex Lowers Spending And Why You Should Wait To Apply

Amex recently changed their spending requirement for the SPG card. There a lot of people that are interested in the spending change but there is also a reason you may want to way just a little bit.

Get $15 Credit [With Amex Offers] And Discounts At City Sports

City Sports is a sporting goods store and this Amex offer (along with the discounts) can get you some great gear at a serious discount.

Get A Great Deal On These Garmin GPS Watches – And A Deal Case Study

This is a deal case study that shows you how to take a basic deal alert and turn it into a serious cost savings on items. This one combines several elements and can be applied to any deal you find around.

Deal Roundup: 20% Off Luggage and Clothing, 15X AA Miles At eBags, and Transfer Bonus

Another deal roundup – this one for getting 20% off luggage and clothing as well as 15X AA miles at eBags. These deal roundups give you a variety of deals on any given day to let you stay up to date with them!

Get Many Awards On Singapore Air For 50% Fewer Miles

Singapore Air has some really great awards and airplanes. This deal gives you the opportunity to get awards throughout the network for 50% fewer miles.

Attention Space Fans: A Marathon For You Is Opening For Registration Soon

If you like anything to do with space, this marathon is for you! This race opens for registration tomorrow and you can actually be eating your pre-race dinner under a Saturn V rocket!

Want To Interview To Fly A 747? This Airline Will Let You For A $5,000 Contribution***

One airline is taking an interesting way of getting the funding to get off the ground – crowdfunding. To help lure people in, they are offering pilot interviews for a contribution of $5,000. But, it comes with some exceptions! 🙂

Is IHG Gold The Most Unrewarding Elite Status?

Hotel elite status levels are basically all over the place with how they reward their customers. With IHG, their level of Gold has to be one of the most unrewarding elite statuses around due to one big element of the IHG program.

A Great Way To Give Back This Weekend

We all save a lot of money and it is always a great thing to be able to give back. I would be honored if you would help to give back in this way to a very worthy charity in honor of this holiday weekend.

Earn Up To 55,000 SPG Points Through Referrals

If you have the SPG Amex cards, you can earn up to 55,000 SPG points by getting your friends and family members to sign up. Find out where to go to sign up!

How To Get The New Lower Spending Offer On The SPG Business Card

The SPG Amex has adopted a new spending offer on the personal card but the public offer for the business card has stayed the same – but you can get the new $3,000 spending offer through referrals! If you would like a referral for the business SPG Amex card requiring $3,000 in 3 months for 25,000 SPG points, please e-mail me at If you are approved, I will receive 5,000 points as well – thank you!

Deal Roundup: Oakley Racing Jackets, Proform Trainer, 10% Off Computers, Tablets, and More

Another deal roundup! This one is for accessories, fitness equipment, and electronics. While the Proform Trainer is no longer available at the sale price, you can still pick up the Oakley sunglasses at a huge discount or save 10% on computers, tablets, or more!

Use These Deals To Save $45 On $300 Hotel Bookings On Jetsetter

If you want to grab a discount hotel booking, this is a great way to do it! Using two deal opportunities, you can get $45 off $300 hotel bookings on Jetsetter.


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Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • Southwest sale already dead , their deadline to book is 21st which was 3 days ago. Shouldn’t include expired deal in here …. made it like click bait….

    • Sorry about that. I normally do mark sales/deals as expired in the summary but I had forgotten that one ended. Good news – bound to be another one in a few weeks! 🙂