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How to Watch the NFL Playoff Game on Peacock for Free (Thanks, Chase!)

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Written by Charlie

Tonight’s NFL Playoff game is only on Peacock and many fans are made that it costs to watch it. But, here is how you could get it for free!

This is a short post to help those who may want to watch the Miami Dolphins / Kansas City Chiefs game tonight – but you don’t have Peacock and you don’t live in the Kansas City or Miami areas. Fortunately, even though Peacock doesn’t have a trial, there is a way you can watch it for free – if you have one of two things!

How to Watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins on Peacock for Free

There are a lot of angry NFL fans about the fact that tonight’s Wild Card game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins is behind a paywall, courtesy of NBC and Peacock. NBC Universal apparently paid $110 million to the NFL for the exclusive rights to carry the game on Peacock, which requires a subscription.

That subscription isn’t ridiculous – $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year – but it is the fact that any fans that want to watch the game and they don’t have it HAVE to pay it. Of course, NBC is hoping that the people that pay will then stick around to watch what other content may be on Peacock but I have to think that this is really not the way to go to get new subscribers, at least based on the anger and frustration I have seen online.

Now, as a Bills fan, it doesn’t bother me to not watch it, though I would like to! So, not having Peacock, I was poking around to see if there was a way to watch it without paying – and I found out there is!

Instacart+ members get a free Peacock subscription! Now, that is yet another subscription, one that costs $99 per year. So, if you don’t have that already, you probably don’t want to sign up for that just to get free Peacock. 🙂

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But, if you have certain Chase cards, you can get a free subscription to Instacart+! Here are the cards that give that to you and the length of the subscription for each:

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Once you have Instacart+ setup, you can go in and activate your free Peacock subscription! And it all works right away! This is a great way to go ahead and get access to this game tonight – without having to give any money directly from you to Peacock to do so. 🙂 So, you can still make a point while watching the game and not paying anything to do that!

Plus, you get Instacart+ as well if you want to use that and you get statement credits with it as well. Here is how those break down:

  • $15/month for Sapphire Reserve® and J.P. Morgan Reserve®
  • $15/quarter for Sapphire® and Sapphire Preferred®
  • $10/quarter for Freedom®, Freedom Flex℠, Freedom Unlimited®, Freedom Rise℠ and Freedom® Student

So, hope that helps if you were looking for a way to get Peacock for free to watch the NFL playoff game tonight!

Check your wall to see if you have one of those Chase cards or see if you one of your friends has one 

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