Problems with Your Stimulus Money? Here is the Phone Number to Call with Thousands of Reps

Written by Charlie

If you are having problems with your stimulus money, the IRS now has staffed their stimulus phone number with thousands of reps – here is the number.

Over 100 million people have already received their share of the $2 trillion stimulus package but millions more are still waiting. Not only that, but many also had problems with the money they did receive (or maybe didn’t). I would imagine the thousands of people I have heard from are just a small amount of those that are looking for answers. Now, the IRS has made it a bit easier.

Here is the IRS Number for Problems with Your Stimulus Check

This past weekend, the IRS staffed the their phone lines with 3,500 telephone reps to “answer some of the most common questions about Economic Impact Payments“.

The IRS Phone Number for Economic Impact Payments

This phone number is on the notice that had been sent out following the deposits of the money or the checks that had been sent out. The number to call is 800-919-9835Do keep in mind that this phone number will likely have long wait times so try to be patient. Also, it is there to answer “common” questions so if you have a more complicated situation, realize that you may not receive the help you need.

You will go through an automated system first to try and answer your basic questions. If that does not work, you can stay on hold to speak to one of the 3,500 people.

Here Are Some Other Articles To Help

Before you call, you may want to check out some of the other articles I have written about the stimulus payments as well. Hopefully, they (or the comments and answers) may give you some help so you won’t have to help.

I realize that the IRS line will not answer everyone’s situation (I have had some unique situations that people contacted me with so they are not all that easy!). But, I view it as a positive development that the IRS is trying to help answer people’s questions.

Here are some other IRS pages to help: Economic Impact Payment Information Center and Get My Payment FAQ.

Millions Receiving Prepaid Debit Cards

For 4 million people who did not have their banking information with the IRS and had their returns processed by the Andover or Austin processing centers. These debit cards can be used to withdraw the cash or to use for spending. These are going out this week.

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