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Greece to Remain Open to Americans – For Now

Written by Charlie

With the EU recommending American tourists be blocked from entering Europe, Greece has said that American tourists will still be welcome – for now.

Last week, the news came that the European Commission recommended that the 27 member nations block American tourists from entering, due to Covid. With some countries making initial moves in that direction, other countries are outright denying that move. This is what Greece says.

Greece to Continue to Allow American Tourists to Come In

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The newly appointed tourism minister of Greece (the Greek cabinet just had a bit of a shakeup with new government ministers) said on Tuesday that ““Greece will continue to receive visitors from the US until the end of the tourist season. This is a very important market, which creates added value in the country’s economy.” this is according to Kathimerini.

This is big for Americans that were hoping to grab a Greek holiday on a bargain budget. Over the last few years, September and October have become very popular in this way due to warm weather normally sticking around and hotel prices dropping. This year, the weather peaked at well over 100 degrees in August for a while but has dropped in some parts of the country to high 70s. In the islands, visitors should still be able to find bathing temperatures until at least the end of September.

But, this word from the Greek government will certainly be welcome to many American tourists. The end of the normal tourist season is usually mid-late October. I am not sure if this is the window they are looking at but I would say Americans have until at least the end of September to visit, at least for now.

There are new restrictions going into place for the unvaccinated as of September 13 and these restrictions will be in place until March 22, 2022. As of now, Greece still does not require vaccination to be able to visit. A negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival or a negative rapid antigen taken 48 hours before arrival will suffice as will proof of having covid and recovering from it in the last 30-180 days.

Once tourists are no longer flocking to Greece, my guess is that Greece will adopt the recommendation that the EU Commission has in place for Americans at that time. Remember, they review the epidemiological data for covid rates in countries every two weeks and typically announce it on a Thursday. This means that the US could be welcome again soon – or not for a while if positivity rates stay high in the US. Since the US does not allow European tourists, the EU could recommend this similar rule for Americans. But, that would be a bad move, economically, if done while the tourist season is still active.


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  • Finally going to Greece next week. Flying back at the end of the month so it looks like everything is a go.

    Thank goodness for the direct flights and no transfers in any other country. Did that last month going to Italy. CDG going over and AMS coming back.

  • Great news, looks like our trip is still on for next week.
    Once again thanks for the continued updates!

  • As someone who loves going to Greece in October because the crowds have abated from peak season, this would stop me from visiting since it’s completely unclear what the requirements will be next month. A swift declaration of whatever standards would be in effect through the end of the year might actually boost tourism rather than the unknown keeping visitors away.

    • You are absolutely right. Part of the lack of details right now could be due to the fact that it is very possible they will shortly call for elections. The Greek PM is not happy and losing support. They may not want to put something official in place if a new guy is just going to scrap it.

  • We’re booked to visit Greece in the first half of October (5th through 14th). We’re both vaccinated. Hope we can go!!!

      • That’s a great point about entry to Greece being the key moment. They’re not going to come looking for us in Paros two weeks later to kick us out! (I hope!)

        We booked Turkish Airlines LAX to Athens with connection in Istanbul. I thought Istanbul would be better connection option than airports in western Europe, since Turkey has been among the most open countries during COVID, and not part of EU. (Plus, we are seeing Istanbul after Greece for a few days before flying home from there).

  • My soon to be husband and I are traveling to Greece on 10/19 for our honeymoon. I sure hope we are okay! They left it very open ended…

  • Hey Charlie. Your information on the PLF for Greece is truly amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work providing a wealth of information to travelers. I submitted my PLF yesterday and I am traveling to Greece in two weeks. I immediately received a response with a Unique Code. I was wondering if this is the same as the QR code that everyone is referring to?. Will I also receive another code at 12:00 on my day of arrival into Greece? Or is the Unique Code what I show when I enter Greece? Thank you so much. Tara

    • Hi, Tara – thanks for the kind words! I responded on Facebook but wanted to answer it here as well in case you miss it there. Greece has started sending the PLF QR codes out pretty quickly after submission and not the day of anymore so you are good to go with that! Have a great trip!