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Video: A Look Inside the Kabul Airport Under Taliban Control

Written by Charlie

The Taliban is now in control of Afghanistan and the Kabul Airport and this video shows what it looks like after the American military had left.

It has now been over a week since the last US soldier had left Afghanistan. After this happened, the Taliban moved in to the airport to prepare it for restarting operations. Here is what a NY Times videographer saw on day 1 of the Taliban control at the airport.

Kabul Airport Under Taliban Control

Qatar and Turkey are working on being able to play a part in the operation of the airport with Qatar already having sent a lot if resources to aid in getting the airport operational again.

But, the condition of the airport was not good. The Taliban had said it was in very bad condition and they already had equipment moving destroyed vehicles, equipment and much more off the grounds. According to the NY Times, “Coils of barbed wire, clotted with garbage, were stretched near an entrance and across the tarmac. A passenger plane appeared looted, and debris was scattered under its belly. The civilian terminal was abandoned and in disarray. It was unclear when and how the destruction happened.”

Not too long before this, there had been the attack that claimed the lives of 13 Americans and almost 200 Afghans. There were also efforts to get Americans out of harms way, including from the airport hotel just 200 meters from the airport.

Now, the Taliban is in control of the airport as well as the country of Afghanistan.

Here is the video that shows what it looks like.

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