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This Credit Card Requires You To Make At Least $120,000 Per Year

There is no question that some credit cards are marketed towards those that make more/spend more. We have the exclusive American Express Centurion card, for example, that carries a very high annual fee – $2,500 – and a very high initiation fee of $7,500. Of course, there are a set of requirements that only Amex knows as to which existing cardholders they offer the card to as it is very much invitation only.

The perks that come with the card can be quite alluring. Perks like airline elite status are just some of the extensive list that cardholders enjoy. But, though it requires a lot of spending on whatever current Amex cards that Centurion-hopefuls have (think several hundred thousand per year), it does not have a minimum salary requirement. So, that is not the card that requires $120,000 per year!

The Credit Card That Requires A Salary Of At Least $120,000 Per Year


This card requires a minimum salary of $120,000 per year

It is a card that, though it is issued Citi, is not available to Americans. It is the Emirates-Citibank Ultima Infinite Card for nationals or permanent residents of the United Arab Emirates (so, it is kind of available to Americans, if you are a permanent resident of the UAE). It would kind of figure that such a card would be available to a market in which $120,000 (the equivalent in AED) in a year can seem like pocket change to many people.

I have always enjoyed seeing some of the card bonuses/category bonuses that UAE credit cards have. I have seen one that offered 10% cashback on some categories of spending! This card does not have that but rather has a 1.5 Skyward miles (the program of the Emirates airline) per dollar on international spending, 2.5 miles per dollar on Emirates tickets, and 1 mile per dollar on domestic spend.

The annual fee for this card comes in around $925 but carries some decent perks. Some of these perks are:

  • Skyward Silver status for life (low level elite status with Emirates)
  • Free golf (unlimited golf on weekdays at courses around the UAE and one free outing on weekends per month)
  • Free lounge access

The sign-up bonus is nothing to special with only 25,000 Skyward miles and an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles (with the annual fee of $925). A really interesting aspect of the card is that they actually transfer your miles earned from spending to your Emirates account every week! I wish US banks would do that as it would be really helpful in booking award travel!

Curious individuals can click this link – here – for more information about this card. Definitely glad that we in the US have access to cards with better bonuses, better features, and we do not have to make that much money to qualify for them!

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  • I am a bit surprised that given Emirates ambitious plans in the US, why they haven’t introduced this or similar card in the US. A card that would competes at the same time with United Club with 1.5 miles and Delta Reserve that gives you not only lounge access but also improve your status with the airline.

    • I know, you are right. I have to believe that it must be more on a banking partner than with Emirates. However, as long as they go back to releasing first class award space, reliably, to Alaska, I think I would be ok with that!

  • I’m interested in the “INFINITE,” a Visa category I was not aware of — trumps MasterCard’s “WORLD” and leapfrogs anyone’s “GALAXY” card offering. Wow.

    • From my understanding, the Infinite has very similar benefits as Visa Signature and is available mostly in Asia. Not sure about Europe and definitely not in the US. The additional benefits you see for this specific card are offered by Citi and Emirates.