Great Deal: Sony Action Camera W/ Live View Remote $149

sony action camera
Written by Charlie

Action cameras are great for more than just the action. This Sony action camera is a perfect little camera to brave the elements and shoot some nice wide photos and videos along your travels.

Action cameras are great for a variety of activities, and not just sports. These cameras are small, many times waterproof, and shoot some really good video and photos. Throw one in your travel bag or pocket and you can have a camera that can get some great shots of your trip while also not being as expensive or potentially fragile as your smartphone. This Sony action camera is a great deal that can help you do all of that.

Great Deal: Sony Action Camera W/ Live View Remote $149

sony action camera

Sony Action Camera Link

This package right now is selling on Amazon for $249 so this is a really great deal! The barebones package (just the camera) is also on sale for $129 (or Amazon is selling it for $149) so to get the live view remote for an extra $20 is great.

This camera – the Sony HDR-AZ1VR – has some really great reviews and takes some great shots. Not only that, but it also has GPS tagging and will be able to display that data on playback (perfect for some bike trip/running outing where you want to display your speed/pace information on the video!). Combine the camera itself with the live view remote watch and you can see what you are shooting as well as control it.

I doubt this particular deal will be around for long and it is only for today so I would move fast if you are interested! B&H does not charge sales tax outside of NY and they are taking returns through January 31, 2016 so you can always send it back if you change your mind later!

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