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Many Great Gift Card Deals On eBay Right Now

Written by Charlie

Take advantage of some of these great gift card deals on eBay! Some of them will earn another 5X points if you use your Chase Ink card.

Gift cards are always the old standby method of gift-giving – if you cannot find something else or you have no idea what to get someone, give a gift card! It is personally one of my favorite gifts, both to give and receive!

Going on now, eBay has a lot of gift card deals available. Some are better than others and I picked out the ones I felt give the best value.

When eBay runs sales on gift cards, it can be helpful for several reasons – cards sold by PayPal Digital Gifts earn 5x points when paying with Chase Ink cards, gift cards can be like cash at the retailer and you can buy them at a discount, you can earn eBay Bucks at 2% (and sometimes more – right now it is at 8% for many people), and you can even resell those gift cards for a profit at times. All in all, sales on gift cards on eBay are helpful in giving you a chance to increase your spending on cards where you need to meet a minimum spending amount or you are trying for a certain threshold bonus. One additional reason – it can help to save even more when you purchase actual eBay gift cards at a discount and use those to purchase these!

Great Gift Card Deals On eBay

eBay Gift cards

First up is the gift cards sold by PayPal Digital Gifts. It is cards bought from them that normally earn 5X points when you pay with your Chase Ink card. Not sure if this will continue forever, but it does work and makes a great incentive to buy these cards, even when they are regular price.

PayPal Digital Gifts Cards

Other Gift Cards

Here are some gift cards that will not earn 5X points with a Chase Ink card. Still, they can be valuable since resellers will pay more for physical gift cards and some people like to use actual gift cards for gifts. 🙂

There you go! There are a lot of gift card options for you and you can even earn more points and discounts beyond what these are listed at thanks to eBay Bucks, Chase Ink 5X, and using portals.

*Disclosure: If you purchase the gift cards above using those links, I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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