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Ends Today: Latest iPad Pros Available with Great Discounts!

Written by Charlie

Ending tonight, you can get some great discounts on the latest iPad Pro models! These are great pieces of travel tech and can handle many things that your computer may do now!

Ever since Amazon started carrying Apple devices themselves, we have been seeing regular sales on iPads like never before! This is great news for anyone that has been waiting for a deal or may have missed one of the deals on Prime Day since we have great discounts on the iPad Pro models – again!

Latest iPad Pros Available with Great Discounts

Best Prices at Best Buy – If You Have the Educational Discount

discounts on iPad Pro

That’s $200 off for the base iPad Pro!

Link: Best Buy iPad Pro Sale

This deal is launched on Amazon with the links below because Best Buy is running their own Black Friday in July sale that ends today. If you are eligible for the student discounts on Best Buy (which do not require .edu e-mails to register for), you can get the best possible prices on the iPad Pros from Best Buy. Follow this link to Best Buy to get the iPad Pros at the lowest prices – if you are able to use the educational discounts (which take off an additional $50).

Even if you cannot get the educational discount, the open-box prices are pretty good as well and I have generally had good luck with open box items from Best Buy.

More iPad Pro Deals at Amazon

The following links for Amazon are affiliate links that support this website if you make a purchase through them – thank you! They are the same prices as the Best Buy links but without the extra $50 for students. I know many people prefer Amazon for using gift cards/etc so I have those down below as well.

Why the iPad Pro Is About to Become an Awesome Travel Computer

IPad Pro 11”

Let me head this section by saying that, with the beta of iPadOS now installed on my iPad Pro 11″, the iPad Pro 11″ is definitely my favorite travel computing device now! I have file support for external drives, I have split screen capability with the same apps (great for researching posts), I have a shrinkable onscreen keyboard for less blocking of the screen, and a full desktop version of Safari for non-limited browsing! This is awesome now!

Read More: The iPad Pro 11″ is my favorite “computer” for travel!

This is the model I have and I think it is the perfect size for some one that will be taking it around with them all the time. If you can deal with cloud-based storage, the 64GB should be sufficient but if you plan on using it for photo editing (with Adobe Lightroom or the full Photoshop coming later this year), you may want to go up to 256GB of storage since you cannot expand the onboard storage. Both Silver and Space Gray are on sale.

Cellular models are discounted as well! This is a great way to add a Google Fi data SIM and have fast data coverage around the world for a flat $10 per 1GB!

IPad Pro 12.9”

This has the same display size as the older 12.9” iPad Pro models but they shrunk the bezels to make it quite a bit smaller and lighter.

I actually type most of my blog posts on my 11” iPad Pro so I can tell you I am quite familiar with it. While there are some quirks, it is amazing how portable and multi-functional it is for me.

Not only does the 1TB have an insane amount of local storage but it is the only iPad with the 6GB of RAM installed.

Cellular models are discounted as well! This is a great way to add a Google Fi data SIM and have fast data coverage around the world for a flat $10 per 1GB!

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