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US Airways Credit Card Offer Change

Written by Charlie

As I wrote about yesterday, American Airlines and US Airways announced a merger of their two airlines. While it was expected that things like the credit card offers and mileage program integrations would take a while, the US Airways credit card offer of 40,000 miles after first purchase and no annual fee was suddenly pulled yesterday. This offer had been utilized by many, many people (myself and my wife included) and was, in my regard, one of the best travel credit cards available because of US Airway’s promo award calendar, amount of miles, and the need for a single purchase to receive the miles.

US Airways Credit Card

There has been another one for a while now, one I do get a commission for (the old one, I did not), but I have never put it out before because I felt it inferior since it did not waive the annual fee for the first year. Now, however, it is the only US Airways offer left that offers the full 40,000 miles (it does offer an additional 10,000 miles if you use the balance transfer offer, but the transfer fee does not make it a good deal). Since yesterday, another offer has surfaced that gives 35,000 miles and waives the annual fee. I will cover that one first and then cover the 40,000 offer.

US Airways Credit Card – 35,000 Miles After First Purchase

US Airways Mastercard – 35,000 Dividend Miles after first purchase – application link (I do not receive a commission for this card)

This card waives the annual fee of $89 for the first year and offers 35,000 miles after first purchase and 10,000 miles every year as an anniversary bonus. As result of the merger, and my suspicion that Citibank will be the new issuer of the merged airline’s credit cards, I am not sure if this card will still be in existence next year. I would imagine you would be able to convert it to a different Barclays Bank card, but that would obviously not have the Dividend Miles tied to it anymore.

When you click on the link above, it goes straight to an application page. You will not see the mileage offer on that page, but when you open the terms and conditions, it is there. That is their contract so you will get the miles, according to the terms. However, I would take a screenshot or print out the terms and conditions in case they do not honor it.

US Airways Credit Card

Terms and Conditions showing bonus offer

Thanks to Gary @ View From the Wing where I learned of this new 35,000 mile offer.

US Airways Credit Card – 40,000 Miles 30,000 MilesAfter First Purchase

US Airways Mastercard – 40,000 30,000 Dividend Miles after first purchase – application link (I do receive a commission for this card)

EditIt appears that they may have changed our affiliate offers without notifying us. The offer is now an up to 40,000 mile offer where you receive 30,000 miles after first purchase and 10,000 additional miles after initiating a balance transfer of $10,000 (and paying the percentage fee). The offer above (35,000 miles) is the best offer at this time. Sorry for the confusion.

The other offer is for 40,000 30,000 miles, but the annual fee is not waived ($89) and you do not receive an anniversary bonus. Other than those items, this card is the same as the one that previously expired. Again, my suspicion is that this card will not be around next year (and neither card may be around in two months), so if you have a desire to earn some easy US Airways (and eventual American Airline) miles, I would make the choice sooner rather than later about these offers. You probably will not be able to get both of them at once, so I would try to determine which card best suits your immediate and future needs for miles.

To make clear, I do receive a commission for the card offer of 40,000 30,000 miles but not the 35,000 mile card. Should you find the 30,000 mile card best suits your needs, I am grateful to you for using my link.

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