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Cheap International Cell Company Hits Beta Testing

Written by Charlie

I wrote last year about the new, innovative company that is working to completely change the face of international cell phone service. Believe me – it definitely needs some changing! Unfortunately, it has not kept up with the fast-paced movement of smartphones around the world so it still costs international travelers a lot of money or a lot of time/sims if they visit different countries. In my drawer, I have 5 different sim cards just from my last trips!


Well, Cell-Buddy is a company that is trying to change the system. They will provide users with an ID-Link to make global communications easier and cheaper at the same time. This SIM card works through a unique system of an online portal to connect to their servers when you arrive in a new country to download and present to you the various cell operators available in that country. Some of the information provided is the rates per minute for each service. After you make a selection and order the service, Cell Buddy transfers that operator’s SIM information on to your Cell Buddy SIM giving you the same type of service as if you purchased a local SIM. This way, you are able to take advantage of the best rates (for voice and data) – without having to go to a cell store to perform the transaction.

I signed-up for their beta program back in December and just today received an e-mail that they are moving forward with their beta testing and will be sending me a kit. I can’t wait to see how it works! I am really hoping this will be the game-changer it appears to be and helps us keep in touch from wherever, whenever, for free! If you are interested in signing up for their beta program, head over to here.

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  • Is there a way for any of us to get in to the beta testing? I will be taking a euro trip for 4 weeks traveling across spain/france/uk/swiss/italy/greece/austria in may-june.