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Last Days To Load Amex Serve With Mastercard Or Visa

Amex Serve
Written by Charlie

As went the Amazon Payments method of generating points at no fee, so goes the Amex Serve feature. This coming Wednesday, tax day in the US, is the final day to use your Mastercard or Visa to load the Amex Serve. After that day, any loads that are done by credit card will only work with American Express cards. Since these cards will not generate points through that method, it is not a great way to load your Serve card. However, it will count towards minimum spending for the Amex cards so that is one helpful part of that (and it will apparently work with third-party American Express cards for the purpose of generating points/cashback).

Amex Serve

Starting April 16, loading your Serve card to earn miles and points can be done like Bluebird – through gift card loading at Walmarts. It can be handled like that now as well, but the big advantage for many with Serve over Bluebird (because you can only have one) was the fact that you can load the Serve card online with a credit card. If you have not yet maxed out for this month, you still have a couple of days. To refresh, you can load $200 per day and up to $1,000 per month through this method.

For me, this was one great way to generate a little bit of miles and points each month since I am out of the country. I will miss it, but for all of you in the US, it may be time to consider a switch to the REDcard that will let you load it directly with a credit card at Target (see Frequent Miler’s page for all the in-depth info).

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