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3 Great Black Friday Deals on Drones – Elevate Your Travel Photos and Videos

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Written by Charlie

Drones are an incredible way to get a different perspective on your surroundings and capture the view in a unique way. If you have ever wanted to grab a drone for some great shots of a scenery or your adventures, maybe one of these drone deals will help you with that.

3 Great Deals on Drones

I have used 2 of these drones and can say they both do what they are meant to very well. The GoPro Karma is one I have not used but it made a nice comeback after the big problems it suffered following its release last year.

DJI Spark

drone deals

Link: DJI Spark Deal – $399 with $50 eBay card for free

The DJI Spark was just announced and released this year. If you want a fun drone for some automatic photos and videos as you go, this could be it. Having the remote (not included – use your smartphone with just the drone) really helps in controlling this drone but if you wanted to go in a simple way, you can just stick the DJI Spark in your purse or backpack and throw it up and control it with your hands or smartphones.

It retails at $499 for the drone and $699 for the Fly More combo (which includes a bag, spare battery, multi-battery charger, controller, spare rotors, and rotor cages) but for this weekend, you can get the basic DJI Spark drone for $399 with a $50 eBay gift card! This is an awesome deal and really puts it in a better price range.

They come in multiple colors all at the same price:

Fly More Combo

If you want to get the controller, they also have a great deal for that package. It is reduced to $599 and comes with a $100 eBay gift card.

DJI Mavic Pro

drone deals

Link: DJI Mavic Pro deal

This is my personal drone and I love it! I have written about many deals with this one, notably as refurbs for as low as $699. If you want more range, speed, video quality, and better video resolution (as well as an extra axis of stabilization) than the DJI Spark, the DJI Mavic Pro is definitely a good choice.

It is not as small as the DJI Spark but when folded up, it travels very nicely. With this sale, it costs $899 for the basic package that includes the controller and a $100 eBay gift card!

GoPro Karma

drone deals

Link: GoPro Karma Drone + Controller + Bag + Gimbal + Harness (no camera) – $399

And now we get to the GoPro Karma! This drone does not come with a camera as it is meant to be paired with GoPro’s own HERO cameras. But, this drone has some very specific features that are great for videoing your activites and adventures. Plus, it has a cool Karma Grip that is a gimbal to give you very smooth footage.

You get everything you need – except the GoPro HERO 5 or 6 (which are also on sale this week) – at the very low price of $399! The catch? This is a manufacturer refurbished model. I honestly would not hesitate to pick it up even though it is a refurb. GoPro suffered a huge loss when they had the issues with the Karma last year and they are going to ensure that these units work flawlessly.

Which Drone Deal to Get?

First of all, if you have a GoPro Hero 5 or 6, I would go for the GoPro Karma drone. It comes with a nice case and everything else you need to get started and you can have it all for $399.

But, if you don’t have a GoPro and you want something that is great for travel while giving you good 4K video quality, I would get the DJI Mavic Pro. Yes, it is $400 more than the DJI Spark but that $399 Spark price does not come with the controller. If you wanted that, you need the $599 package. That puts it $300 away from the Mavic Pro. A hard call but I think the extra features of the Mavic Pro would make it worth it.

However, if you just want a simple, fun drone to get pictures and videos while you are out and about, I would get the DJI Spark.

Be Aware of Rules!

If you do fly a drone, make sure you pay attention to the rules and requirements where you are flying. As of earlier this year, you no longer have to register your drone with the FAA (which means no $5 fee) but there are cities that have their own rules. According to a couple of sources, it appears that this new mini drone may actually be considered a toy in many countries due to its size so you may not have to deal with the same regulations as you would with the larger drones. But, before you fly, make sure you search for the rules in your area!

Always fly safe and within the laws and rules of your area! Also, think of your fellow drone enthusiasts when you fly and do not do anything stupid that could cause negative impacts for future drones in this area.

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