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Get The Easiest 50,000 Miles Before It Is Too Late – US Airways Card

US Airways
Written by Charlie

It has been quite a ride with this card! I first got it about 7 or 8 years ago when it was offering something like 30,000 miles unless you were making a booking and then it went up to 40,000 miles. With the US Airways program, 40,000 miles could get you a lot of places! One of my favorite redemptions had been off-peak awards to Jamaica with my wife for a total of – 40,000 miles roundtrip!

US Airways

Over the years, thousands of people have received this awesome card and its bonus. In fact, some people have gotten it again, again, again – even up to 20 times! Barclaycard has cracked down over the years so it has not been as easy as it once was but it is still a great card.

US Airways 50,000 Miles Card Application Link (Disclosure: this is NOT an affiliate link)

Last Links Standing

This card has always had a few different links to access it. Now, it is available at one link and the link on the US Airways homepage has changed to direct to this link (there are still some people with referrals allowing for applications to be made into later April). With the merging of the US Airways and American Airline frequent flyer accounts, this card’s days are certainly numbered now. People have been saying for over a year that it was going to be gone in a couple of months, but that obviously did not happen!

The bonus miles on this offer are a little different than some of the ones over the years – it still requires a single purchase but you will need to pay the annual fee of $89 as well before the miles will post. This means that you will not get the miles as quick as you used to (miles used to post within a couple of days after the first purchase), but you will still get them within a few weeks of receiving the card. By that time, they should automatically be deposited into the merged AA account.

This 50,000 mile bonus is the easiest you will be able to find – a single purchase and the annual fee and you are 50,000 miles richer! Do not let this offer pass by or you will be sorry for sure. 🙂 Unfortunately, you will no longer receive the 5,000 mile deduction with this card offer on US Airway flights, but you will receive the 10% rebate up to 10,000 miles per year on miles redeemed.

Interesting tidbit: I did find a terms and condition page that reads very similar to the one for this offer, but, it also still has language about an anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles! I cannot located the application page to go with it, but if someone else can, leave the link in the comments and I will update it!


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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • Already had 2 active cards. Last applied in mid December 2014. Decided to roll the dice again yesterday, and got a “pending” result. It will probably end in a denial, but at least there is a tiny bit of hope…

    ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance…’ 🙂

  • Just applied and got pending approval status 🙁
    FYI, I got my first US Air card on Jan 2014 last year and now is still open. I have been using the card for small purchases for the last 2 months in order to prepare for this so can trigger instant approval, but alas….
    Now the question is, what is the best thing to do? to call or not to call recon?

  • They have or had a business card as well……. only 25K but easy miles are easy miles…….

  • Does anyone know of a landing page where I can send my wife a referral still for the USAir MC? I just signed up a few days ago and just got my card. I was hoping to refer my wife so I get the extra 5k or 10k points, before I sign her up. Is this targeted only? Or is there a public (or backdoor) link to a landing page? Thanks

    • When the referral e-mails came out, it did have a generic link but it was tagged with tracking codes. So, without having one of those, there would not be anyway for you to get the credit (it is not like the Chase referrals).

  • What happens if i sign up for the card but i don’t’ have a US airways dividend miles acct. They no longer allow new acct sign ups so where would my bonus miles go??

    • They will go into an AA account. By the time these miles post (which is not until after the annual fee is paid which takes place near the end of the cycle), the US Airways Dividend Miles accounts will be no more anyway. They will send you the information of your account number with your card or you can call them to ask about it.

  • Your blog has really shined lately. The details in your posts make them stand out. Thanks.