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Awesome Video: Jetpack Pilot Takes Off Vertically in a Major Step Forward

Written by Charlie

Check out this awesome video of a human jetpack taking off and flying in Dubai! Individual flight advances are being made and this is cool!

We live in exciting times! Companies are working on autonomous flight for individuals and smaller aircraft are making advances to make it possible to escape the insane traffic on the ground (traffic in the air will be a whole other matter – but that is for another day!). Even individual flight options are making big strides.

The Human Jetpack Hits New Heights of Advancement

Well, how about that human jetpack finally becoming available? We have seen this since the old TV shows (remember the Jetsons?) but the promise has never truly been fulfilled for our real life use. But, now another big step has been made.

The Jetman Dubai is a project supported by Dubai 2020 (and others) that seeks to bring the human jetpack to fruition. This past week, they took a huge step in that effort.

In past missions, they could not start the engines without first dropping out of an aircraft. It was not possible to simply liftoff. But, on February 14, they were able to make a vertical takeoff in the Jetwing. This is a huge step for sure! Plus, they went over a mile high during the 3 minute flight. Not bad at all! Also, this equipment is built to fly up to 250 miles per hour! Not sure how I would feel about doing that personally, but that is something else!

In the past, they had said it was not possible to fly below 50 meters but this latest attempt shows that they have overcome that challenge. Will this mean we see personal jetpacks being sold soon? No, but that day is certainly a bit closer now! Read the full story here.

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