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A New 5-Star Hotel – But Not For You or Me

5-star cat hotel
Written by Charlie

A new hotel has opened in Malaysia. It is a 5-star cat hotel. Wait, cat?! Yes, a 5-star cat hotel! Find out what it is all about!


Thanks to miles and points, I have stayed in many 5 star hotels around the world. When new ones open, I am always interested to hear what type of unique ways it may relate to its local culture or what kind of view/location it brings. But, this new 5-star hotel is not one that I will be staying in…because it was created for cats. Yes, that’s right – a 5-star cat hotel!

A 5-Star Cat Hotel

5-star cat hotel

The VVIC room | Photo from

Link: Catzonia

When I first heard of this new hotel this week, I was really surprised. I know that there are many people that love cats but I never would have imagined a 5-star hotel for these feline companions!

Yet, that is what has opened in Malaysia, and with pretty decent rates also! They have varying room levels and perks that will take your cat from a basic 5-star experience all the way to rooms that have CCTVs that you can connect to via an app to monitor your cat while you are on vacation in some human 5-star hotel.

Here is their description of their most exclusive room – the Very, Very Important Cat Room:

VVIC ROOM [Please call us to know about availability and price per night] The 1st and the most exclusive room for cats ever! Your cats will feel like home. They will have their own mini playground, their own space and their own world! The foods will be served 3 times per day, will get special foods, and not to mention special attention from our staffs. The room is comfortable for up to 10 adults cats or for a mummy and her kittens. 24 hours temperature controlled with air-conditioned environment. If you are abroad and need to see your cats, you can see your cats LIVE thru your phone! Just Download the apps, and ask our staff how to do it. We are really sure, you will be happy even you are thousands miles away.

And here are the amenities offered:

  • A/C
  •  Safe
  •  3x Feeding and Cleaning
  •  3x Playground Sessions
  •  CCTV
  •  Separated toilet

So, now if you happen to be in Malaysia and you want your cat to enjoy 5-star treatment, you know the new Catzonia hotel is the one for you. 🙂

Now, who wants to be the first to review this 5-star cat hotel???

HT: Telegraph

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