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Travel Tech Deal: SanDisk 1TB and 2TB Extreme SSDs at the Best Price Ever!

Written by Charlie

Today only, get a great deal on SanDisk SSD storage – 1TB Extreme SSD and the 2TB Extreme SSD at their lowest prices ever! This storage is so small and the perfect travel tech!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great day! I am sure some of you are looking for deals today as well (or you wouldn’t have clicked this post!) so let’s jump into this deal!

Deal of the Day: SanDisk Extreme SSDs at the Best Price Ever

Link: SanDisk 1TB Extreme SSD $125 | SanDisk 2TB Extreme SSD $199 (these are affiliate links that support the site – thanks!)

As part of Amazon’s big deal of the day, there are two great deals on Sandisk SSDs. If you aren’t familiar with them, these are portable storage devices for your computer that are smaller than a credit card (but thicker) and they do not have any moving parts. Because of that, they can withstand quite a bit more than a regular hard drive and they are much, much faster than most disk drives.

These prices are the absolute best prices ever with the 2TB SSD costing just $20 more than the previous great deal on the 1TB SSD!

If you have an Apple computer, chances are you went for the moderate amount of storage since Apple charges such a premium for their (very fast) storage. Well, if you want to get more storage in a small package, this Sandisk 1TB Extreme SSD can do that for much less! Not only will this handle a lot that you can throw at it but you can get 1TB for just $125 or the 2TB for $199.

With external SSD drives dropping in price, it can be a really smart thing to grab one so that you can always have your files even when you get rid of a computer – or even if you are traveling without it! If you are taking photos or videos, it can also be nice to have a small, portable and quite fast SSD to back up your files to.

I have the 1TB version and, comparing it to my Samsung T5 drives, it is a really great drive as well! Not only is it really fast (over 500MB/s read speeds) but having something so nice and small that can also handle a bit of a beating from dust and water makes it a great drive to have.

This drive does come with USB-C, so it is ready for many modern computers, but it also has a USB-A adapter as well.

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