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Today Only Save 25% on My Favorite and Simplest Travel & Running Accessory!

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Written by Charlie

Today, get 25% off any of these fantastic SPIbelts. They are my favorite and simplest accessory for travel AND running and they just work great!

Earlier this year, I wrote about this little accessory, SPIbelt, and how it can help make your transit through airport security easier. Not only can it do that, but it can also provide a nice and comfortable way to keep your passport and other valuables very near you while you travel.

Today Only: Save 25% on SPIbelt – My Favorite and Simplest Travel Accessory

Link: SPIbelt Use code “THANKS25″ at checkout for 25% off

If this sounds at all interesting to you, today is the day to jump on that! That is because SPIbelt has been running a sale this past weekend where you get 25% off anything from SPIbelt. With many cool belts and accessories available, this is definitely the best time to buy so check out their sale now and pick up something to help you zip through the security line next time – well, at least as fast as the annoyingly slow people in front of you move!

Made for Runners but Works for Travel Also!

Btw, this accessory was originally created for runners (and I use it on every single run) so that means you are not going to get any bounce while you walk with it on! It is very comfortable and lightweight yet can hold a lot of stuff! Here are some things I wrote about it last week.

Make sure you check out the SPIbelt Glide that has no buckles and two pockets – you have to step into it so it may not be the best for airport security but will be more comfortable when wearing it out and about!

How the SPIbelt Can Help Your Airport Security Process Be Easier

This means that they can work very well for travel also. They are so low profile that you can have it under your shirt and it tucks neatly into your carryon bag once you are through with it. Or, you can use it to carry your documents/electronics under a shirt or jacket while out and about at your destination!

For travel, I would recommend the dual pocket SPIbelt ($29.99). This will let you put anything metal in one and electronic in the other. Believe it or not, I have fit a point/shoot pocket camera (Sony RX100 series), wallet (with passport and credit cards/driver’s license), keys, cell phone, and earbuds all in one of these belts!

airport security easy

The dual pocket SPIbelt

The solution for using this for airport security quickness is easy – simply put all of your pocket contents in this belt before heading to the airport or while waiting in line. Then, with one simple motion, the belt and its contents is off your waist and in your carryon bag. Once you are through airport security, pull it out and put it back on – or you can empty it into your pockets.

This means I am no longer digging around in my backpack for something that slipped down when putting my pocket contents in my bag. Plus, especially on regional planes, I am not having to worry about what is in my pocket spilling out and becoming unreachable. Wearing the belt onboard is pretty comfortable and inconspicuous – unlike the ubiquitous fanny pack!

Plus, they sell the SPIbelt Messenger Bag which could be a great solution for those times you are flying an airline that has super-strict carry-on weight requirements. They never care how much you weigh – just your bag. So, load up your Messenger Bag (which should easily go up against your back or even under your jacket), and you are now within the weight restrictions and you still have all your valuables close at hand!

airport security easy

Bonus Tip – They take PayPal so if you have the Chase Freedom, you get another 5% back on your Chase card!

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