Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday Deal on Aegean Miles with 100% Bonus – Great for Star Alliance Partners with a Big But…

Written by Charlie

The Aegean Black Friday offer on buying miles is back – a 100% bonus! While there are some great ways to use this sale, there was a negative change this week as well.

This is one the big sales I was looking forward to this year but Aegean’s move the other day really took some of the excitement out of it for me. Still, if you can use these miles on other routes, this is a great chance to buy miles to use for premium travel on great partners.

Buy Aegean Miles with a 100% Bonus

Link: 100% Bonus on Aegean Miles

This ties the best offer that Aegean has ever had. For two days, you can get a 100% bonus when buying miles! That means you can buy enough miles for 700€ to redeem for business class between the US and Europe. That is pretty good, not as great as it was before the devaluation but still good. Some carriers will have surcharges but, even with the surcharges, it can still be a huge deal!

The “Big But” First…

Earlier this week, Aegean quietly devalued several of the best routes for Star Alliance awards. These included:

  • North America – Europe/North Africa
    • Economy went from 30K one way to 35K one way
    • Business went from 45K one way to 55K one way
    • First went from 60K one way to 75K one way
  • Far East – Far East 
    • Economy went from 12.5K one way to 17.5K one way
    • Business went from 21K one way to 32.5K one way
    • First went from 40K one way to 45K one way
  • Europe/North Africa – Near East/Central Asia
    • Economy went from 30K one way to 35K one way
    • Business went from 45K one way to 55K one way
    • First went from 60K one way to 75K one way

So, be aware that this buy offer is not as good as last year if you planned on utilizing one of those award sweet spots.

Are Aegean Miles Still Worth It to Buy with the Bonus?

I would say that yes, it is still worth buying miles for a couple of purposes. Before I mention those, let me say that I am fairly confident Aegean will not devalue the above routes for a while since they had never devalued them before this and they had existed for years. Also, I think it was a very good move (if I had to put “good” on this) that they devalued the chart before launching this sale. This is something that some US airlines could learn from…

So, if you want to buy and are wondering what you could do, here are a few reasons to buy:

  • If the devaluation left you short of an award you really want – this is the best way to get miles since there are no transfer programs from major bank programs.
  • You can still buy enough miles for business class between the US and Europe for 700€ in miles (plus any fees/surcharges when you redeem). Depending on your route, this could be a good deal. I will still be redeeming my Aegean miles for this in the future so I still find value in them.
  • You want to fly a non-devalued route (like this pretty awesome sweet spot – if you want a lot of time in business class).

The new Aegean Award chart as of November 25, 2019

Things to Know:

  • The offer is valid only for award miles purchases that will take place from the 28th November 2019 at (12:00, Greece time), up until the 30th November 2019 (23:59, Greece time).
  • The additional award miles that will be offered as a gift, will be automatically credited upon the completion of the miles purchase. In case the additional miles are not credited in your account, please contact AEGEAN’s call center at 801 11 20000, national calls within Greece, (+30) 210 6261000 international calls and mobiles, to address your request.
  • The offer is valid only for award miles purchases and not tier miles purchases.
  • Please note that additional documentation may be requested upon payment completion.

That last part has been put in since last year’s promo. This is likely due to some fraudulent purchases in the past and some readers had to take extra steps to prove that they were the ones buying.

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Tip: If redeeming for Lufthansa in premium cabins, choose to depart FROM Europe to the US as the surcharges will be much less than starting in the US.

You could also redeem for some incredible award like the US to Tel Aviv for just 55,000 miles in business as well.

Great Way to Top Up

With the ability to earn 100% bonus miles with even the purchase of 1,000 miles, this is a great way to top up your account at a cheaper price. You can purchase up to 50,000 miles per year (not counting the bonus) so you could buy any amount from 1,000 miles up to 50,000 miles.

Note: If you have never credited a flight to Aegean Miles & Bonus, you are limited to buying up to 30,000 miles in a year. 

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