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A Daily Getaway Deal I Am Interested In – And You Should Be Too!

Written by Charlie

Finally! Today, there is a Daily Getaway that I am interested in. And it is one that you should be interested in as well if you ever rent cars (especially if you like really nice cars!)

The Daily Getaway deals have so far been the norm with what is offered. This one today is similar as well but is actually the first one this year that I am interested in enough to try and pick up a package.

A Daily Getaway Deal I Am Interested In

Daily Getaway

Today’s Daily Getaway is for Hertz rental cars. While the packages are listed in the normal sense of getting week rentals for various kinds of cars, you are actually buying points that will be deposited into your account and you can use them for any kind of rental that fits within your points total.

I have to admit, I am not a regular Hertz customer. This is because they are normally more expensive than other places where I visit and because I have received such great elite service and car selection from National and Avis.

But, Hertz does have some pretty incredible cars available and points can help you lock some of those up. Not only that, but being able to get a week rental in certain cities for $250 can be a steal. So, I am interested for sure! The only problem? The number of the packages available is a little on the low side which means I will be competing with many others.

The Hertz Daily Getaway Deal

Here is what is being offered at 1PM ET today:

Here is the Hertz chart for reward redemptions. There are a lot of options! One free rental day for a Standard Award starts at 675 points. That is very helpful since a one day rental in some locations can be very expensive.

Amazing Cars

Daily Getaway

Not only that, but they now have the 2016 Shelby GT Mustang. From how it is classified, it is an Adrenaline Collection car that will require 8,250 points for a Standard Award or 16,500 points for an Anytime Award – for a week long rental! Buying the top package for just under $700 would let you rent a car like that for a week (though checking many cities/dates showed it was sold out). That would be a pretty good deal if you are a muscle car person!

Anyway, for my use, having points available for some of the cities I visit on a quick basis would be huge so the entry package should work for me. But, with such small quantities available, I certainly do not think it is a slam dunk.

So, while I think you should be interested in this Daily Getaway package as well because of the value it represents, please pass it up for my sake! 🙂

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  • According to T&C on Hertz deal at Daily Getaway website a 5-7 day rental is REQUIRED. Can you confirm that circumventing requirement is possible for periodic use as you shared? That would make a huge difference. Thanks!

    • Good catch! I missed that. I am really not sure. I doubt that Hertz is issuing these points differently than the regular points earned. I hope to get a package and will update if that is the case. I am sorry, I know that will be too late to help though!

      • I’ve bought these points in the past and they’ve just been deposited into my account. I’ve used him for weekly rentals and for daily.