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US Passport Processing Update – How Many New Passports Were Issued Last Week

Written by Charlie

Here is the latest US passport processing update for passports issued in the last week. Find out how many have been processed and how it is going!

Here we are – another US passport processing update! Strangely, the numbers of processed passports has dropped a bit. It could have to do with some of the centers being in hotspot areas? I’m not sure but here are the current numbers.

US Passport Processing Update – July 30

Since the passport centers started processing US passports again, a big milestone has been reached. They have now processed over 1 million passports! Last month, the backlog sat at 1.6 million passports so this means they are rapidly closing the gap on those waiting passports!

Remember, they are processing them a first come/first out basis. So, these 1 million passports processed so far would likely cover all of March and possibly much of April. Here is a look at the last three weeks of passport processing:

Week (Thursday-Wednesday) Applications Received Passports Awaiting Issuance Passports Issued
This Week (July 23-July 29) 143,000 1.15 million 206,000
Last Week (July 16-July 22) 143,000 1.23 million 198,000
2 Weeks Ago (July 9-July 15) 124,000 1.31 million 274,000

What Is Happening with the Numbers?

For some reason, there was a drop from two weeks ago to the next week – almost 100,000 fewer passports were processed. This past week, it went up again by 8,000 additional but still a far cry from previous weeks.

But, the total number of current passports awaiting issuance is almost below 1 million and could drop below that number in the next two weeks. That is certainly good news for anyone waiting.

What Is Happening With Passport Applications Sent In Now?

Many people are being told 6-8 weeks, or what is normal for this time in the summer. This syncs up with what the State Department says – that the current number of passports is equal to what is normal at this time of a regular year.

Sign-up here if you are waiting for your passport and you will be notified when it starts processing and then again when it is sent out to you.

At this point, there are six passport centers that are in Phase Two and ten passport centers in Phase One. 

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  • Passports for many states have to be sent to Irving, Texas – where mine went. This one doesn’t look open. Does this mean they are routing them to different offices? The check was cashed immediately, but there is no status update available online. My kids who had to go to the Post office to have them renewed received them in a week’s time. All submitted in June.