Great News! iTunes Gift Cards Can Now Be Used to Buy Apple Products!

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Great news as you can now use iTunes gift cards to buy Apple gear like Apple Watches, iPads, even Mac computers! Find out about this new change and why it is great!

Apple is finally uniting their gift cards to create one gift card that can be used on products or on their App Store/iTunes Store. While this will be a new card, the good news is that all current iTunes gift cards can be used to buy Apple products now!

Use iTunes Gift Cards to Buy Apple Products

For a long time, you could only use iTunes gift cards for digital products, meaning items from the iTunes Store or the App Store. If you wanted to buy Apple products, you had to buy a separate Apple store gift card.

The reason this wasn’t great was that iTunes gift cards could often be obtained at a 15-20% discount on face value. This was nice for buying digital content for less (or even for paying for things like Netflix subscriptions before) but not something like a new iPad on the cheap.

Now, You Can!

Link: Apple Gift Cards

While you can purchase the new “everything Apple” gift card, all other gift cards can now be used for Apple products in the meantime. Also, start searching for good discounts on iTunes gift cards now! My guess is we will not see many such deals in the future and definitely not on this new Apple gift card!

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But, if you have iTunes gift cards that you have bought at discount and never used, now you know that you can use them for something cool like an Apple Watch or even an Apple computer and get a nice discount on it, thanks for the discount you got when you bought the gift card.

Tips for Buying Discounted iTunes Gift Cards

Places that have been known to sell discounted iTunes gift cards before are Sam’s Club (possibly other membership clubs?), Best Buy, eBay, PayPal Digital Gifts, and Target.

HT: MacRumors

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  • I contacted Apple and found out Itunes gift cards cannot be used to buy Apple products. Can only be used for Itunes and apps.

      • Yup. Its true. Purchased an iphone through the Apple store app on my phone, and in the payment screen, it had a section to apply my iTunes balance to my order.