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Upgrade Offers for the Amex SPG Luxury Card Now Available – From Nothing to 100K Points

Written by Charlie

If you already have a personal SPG card, you may want to check for upgrade offers to the Amex SPG Luxury card. There are offers available from no points at all all the way up to 100,000 points – the same as the sign-up bonus for new accounts! Check out your offers and whether you should go fo it!

Yesterday, the new SPG Luxury card was launched – complete with 100,000 points, statement credit, benefits, and a hefty $450 annual fee. Most of those interested in it will need to apply before August 26 when new rules go into place. But, if you currently have the SPG regular card, you may be able to get a pretty good offer to upgrade to the SPG Luxury card.

Upgrade Offers for the Amex SPG Luxury Card Now Available

Link: SPG Luxury Card Upgrade Offers (must sign-in first and then click this link)

For most people, upgrading will not be something appealing unless you receive at minimum a 50,000 point offer. Of course, with a 100K point offer, that would make an upgrade almost a no-brainer (if you were interested in the card anyway).

It can make sense to upgrade to the SPG Luxury card to save a new account opening. An upgrade will preserve your credit card number and anniversary date. The annual fee would also be prorated, based on when you last paid your $95 annual fee on the SPG card.

Another nice thing is that the award night of the 50,000 points should be awarded to you based on your current anniversary date. That means if your anniversary is in December, you will be able to get that free night in December. That is a plus over applying for it as a new card and waiting the 1 year.

On the flip side, if the offer you receive is under 50,000 points, I would pass on it completely. Between 50,000 and 75,000 would be something to think about and I think an offer of 75,000 – 100,000 points is a strong offer to definitely consider. I was one of the many who received a measly “nothing” to upgrade – so obviously, I will not be doing that!

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  • 15K * 2 cards. I’m thinking about it on one of them, since it’s my longest dated credit line (also ~20 years).

  • If you upgrade from the SPG personal to the Luxury to earn the 100K bonus, can you downgrade a year later back to the personal?

    I’d like to keep the SPG card for the free night at the 35,000 point/$95 level, but have the full upgrade offer. However, beyond earning the initial bonus I would not keep it more than a year and would hate to lose the card entirely if they don’t let you downgrade and I have to cancel it.


  • Forgot to also ask – there seems to be some confusion for upgraders (including myself) on when the $300 credit becomes available. Is it immediately upon upgrading and paying the annual fee, or not till after 1 year and the account anniversary/2nd annual fee?

    • The $300 statement credit is available within the first year. The only thing you don’t get in the first year is the anniversary night (but if you upgrade, that should be put into your account whenever you actual card anniversary is).

  • If the current “regular” SPG Amex has a $95 annual fee and yields a 35k-free night every year while the Luxury card has a $450 annual fee with both a $300 annual statement credit AND the 50k free night, why would this not be a no-brainer if the user actually has even two or three paid nights each year???

  • I closed my personal SPG about 6 months ago when it was supposed to be renewed. Having the business SPG I didn’t want to pay two annual fees since the personal SPG wasn’t valuable to me at the time and rarely used it. But now things changed and I am tempted to apply for the new SPG Luxury Card. Will I qualify for the bonus?