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Two Months Late – No Match For Me!

No match for me!
Written by Charlie

Back in February, Etihad Airways was running a promotion where they would match you to their Gold status if you sent them a copy and statement from another airline with which you had Gold or higher. I read about this on Loyalty Lobby and did it right away. Good thing, too, because they changed the terms within a couple of days to state that it was for UAE residents only.

No match for me!

Do they really mean it? 🙂

No Match For Me!

To be honest, I had forgotten I had requested the match – until I received an e-mail from them today. Apparently, I am not good enough for them. 🙁 Actually, not sure why they denied my request as they approved others. I have a feeling that it may be because I am not a UAE resident, but I applied when that was not a requirement.

I guess I could go ahead and write back to ask why, but I really don’t care. I thought I might be using them more and it made sense, but plans have changed so no big deal. I do get frustrated when airlines offer a good thing and change the terms in the middle of the offer, though.

And No Match For My Wife

In other news, my wife has still not received any update e-mail from JetBlue on matching her to their Mosaic status. She sent her request in the same time I did (and I received my notice of status match a few weeks ago). I guess they don’t like her, or maybe it is her Southwest Companion Pass. I found it odd that they included that in their match offer, and maybe they ended up finding it odd as well. Oh well, I got it and she will be traveling on JetBlue with me so it is ok!

Have you ever been turned down for a status match? Which airline and what was the reason?

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  • Jetblue matched my Southwest CP without issue (other than it took 3 weeks for them to respond back)