Treadmill “Races” Summary

When I don’t have a race on the books (which is extremely rare!), I get a little antsy and try to think of something to drive my running a bit. Last week I got the idea, that it would be interesting to run each race distance that I have run from 1 mile – 50K. To make it even more interesting and challenging, I would have to keep each time within 10% of my current PR at each distance. Because I love running, love running numbers, and love writing, I thought I would share my summary of the week.

Treadmill Races Summary

Monday, April 8

  • 1 Mile – 6:44 / PR: I actually cheated a little bit on this one since I had not actually ran a 1 mile race before 🙂
  • 5K – 24:00 / PR: 20:20 –fail – should have been 22:22 or less
  • 10K – 45:00 / PR: 43:13 – pass – had to be 47:33 or less

Tuesday, April 9

  • 15K – 1:11 / PR: 1:09 – pass – had to be under 1:16 (this was also easy because I haven’t raced a 15K in years, so my PR should be lower)

Wednesday, April 10

  • 13.1 (Half-Marathon) – 1:40 / PR: 1:37 – pass – had to be under 1:46

Thursday, April 11

  • 26.2 (Marathon) – 3:28 / PR: 3:35 – HUGE pass! – had to be under 3:56 (this was a big surprise – my last mile was a 7:06)

Friday, April 12

  • 5 Mile – 38:00 / PR: 34:50 – pass – had to be under 38:10 (a squeeker!)

Saturday, April 13

  • 50K (31 miles) – DNF! I knew this was going to be hard. I started too late (9:30PM) and didn’t fuel properly throughout the day and felt very dizzy through the later miles. I did my best to make it at least the marathon mark before stopping. So,
  • Modified for Marathon – 3:40 / PR: 3:35 – pass – had to be under 3:56 (for the marathon)

Sunday, April 14

  • 10 Mile – 1:16 / PR: 1:13 – pass – had to be under 1:19

Week Summary

  • Distance: 100.1 miles
  • # of Runs: 9
  • Average distance per run: 11.1 miles
  • Total time: 13 Hours
  • Average Pace: 7 minutes, 48 seconds
  • All done on my treadmill!

This was a pretty fun week for me! It was hard because it was one of my busiest work weeks so I had to really squeeze some of these runs in. It was fun to push myself each day to try for the best time I could get. It was kind of funny to “set” a PR for the marathon distance (obviously doesn’t count as an actual PR since it was on a treadmill, not in an actual race, and I would get off to go to the bathroom and stop the clock) and still have enough steam to do another marathon in a decent time two days later.

It is amazing what you can think of to do when you don’t have a particular training program to follow. Try it sometime – let your imagination run wild! Have a great week!

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