Deal: Buy K-Cups for 18 Cents a Cup

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Written by Dustin

I am always up for a great deal, definitely when it includes my favorite drink, coffee!

I am a big coffee fan and I fairly confident that I am not alone. While I always look for great deals on travel, I also look for deal on my day to day purchases. I drink coffee daily, so finding a great deal on it is something I value :-). This is a solid K Cup deal for all you coffee drinkers out there.

Deal: Buy K-Cups for 18 Cents a Cup

The Deal:

This deal was around last year and it seems to be a reoccurring theme. While there is no guarantee of this continuing next year, I confident it will come around again.

Over at the Christmas Tree Shop, they are currently selling 42 K-Cups for $9.99

k cup

There are plenty of flavors to choose from as well. I personally drink this brand and I think it is really good!

The Christmas Tree Shop always has this coupon where you can save $10 off $50 or more.

K Cup

While this coupon says first time subscribers, I have received flyers and even just Googling the coupon comes up. I have yet to have an issue with using coupons at the Christmas Tree Shop.

In order to reach your $50 minimum, you will need to buy 5 boxes of K Cups, this will put you at $49.95. I live in a state with sales tax and there was no sales tax on this, so I bought a $1 pair of scissors to put me over the $50 requirement.

This meant I bought 210 K Cups for $41, costing me 19.5 cents per cup.

Making the Deal Better:

Always look for a way to stack deals! It is always worth it.

Over at Ebates, they have “In-Store” offers on cards you can link through your account.

If you don’t have an Ebates account, you can sign up using my referral link. You’ll earn $10 on your first purchase and I earn $25. If you use my link, thank you! It is always appreciated.

Currently Ebates is offering 4% cash back when you make an in-store purchase.

**When I made my purchase, I initially received 2%, not the 4% as the offer state. I did reach out and after sending my receipt and email, I received the 4%.**

This would also be in addition to your credit card rewards, which I used my USAA Limitless, where I earned 2.5% cash back as well. For my math breakdown, I will use 2% cash back though.

Calculating the Cost:

I have found most K Cups run between 30 cents to 50 cents+ (for brands like Starbucks, etc) per  K Cup.

$49.95 (5 boxes of 42 count K-Cups) + $1 of something at the checkout = $50.95 – $10 coupon for spending $50 or more = $40.95 – $1.64 Cash back earned from Ebates – $0.82 from 2% cash back card.

Total cost is $38.49 for 210 K Cups, which brings the K Cup cost to 18.3 cents per cup. Which is very cheap for (what I feel) is good coffee.

Using 30 cents per K Cup as the lowest cost, this means you are saving 39% vs the lowest price K Cup ( I can usually find).


While this may not be a travel related purchase, if you drink coffee regularly the cost can add up.

I have taken advantage of this offer many times and it is always great to stock up on something you use day to day for cheap!

What’s the cheapest you have bought K Cups?

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    • Hey Mike,

      It looks like $4.95 for ground. If you have a store locally, it would be better to go in. If not, you’re still buying at ~21 cents per cup before stacking deals. Which is still really good!

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

  • Thanks for the post. I normally aim to pay 42¢ or less per cup. ($5 for a 12 pack). I usually score deals at my local TJ Maxx on their clearance rack. I’ve purchased 10 packs of Starbucks coffee for $2.00 a few times. I won’t be taking advantage of this deal because I just stocked up on coffee on Black Friday. My wife’s favorite is Dunkin Donuts so we stocked up when it went on sale.

  • Subscribe and save San Francisco Bay K cups. I’ve gotten them as low as 25 cents and they’re actually decent.

  • I’ve bought this brand before at about this same price from Best Buy a few months ago. Still a great deal on decent coffee.