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Today’s Daily Getaway Is Hilton Points – Should You Be Interested?

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Written by Charlie

Today’s Daily Getaway is for packages of Hilton points. But, there are only a couple of reasons people may want to buy them. Check out the details and see if you fit the exception!

Today, the Daily Getaway package is for Hilton points. This is not a post to tell you to buy these points as there are a few things to consider and there is really not that much of a need for most people to buy these.

Today’s Daily Getaway is Hilton Points

Link: Daily Getaway for Hilton Points

The Daily Getaway Brief

At 1PM ET today, you will see 3 different Hilton point options available for purchase. Here is what they are:

Good Deal?

With the ability to mix points and cash, the rate to “buy” points with that method is often around this price point and maybe even a bit under. Not only that, but it is incredibly easy now to obtain Hilton points with the nice offers on the Amex versions and the ability to pool points between 11 different accounts. With so many changes and the ease of acquiring Hilton points, I would say NO, it is not that good of a deal at this time.

Not a Real Deal

It makes it even worse when you consider that Daily Getaways has actually bumped the price up this year. Not only that, but when there are Hilton point sales, you can grab them for this price anyways.

Two Exceptions – But Not for Most

However, one exception would be if you need Hilton points now since you do not have any or maybe if you wanted to redeem at a top tier property. If you were to spend 90,000 points, it would cost you $450 for that night with these points. There are a few Hilton properties that would cost more than that so in that case, it could be a good deal.

The other exception would be if you really, really wanted to rack up a lot of points! The reason for that is you are limited to buying 160,000 points per year, but you could buy them for different accounts and then pool them into the account you need them in. I cannot imagine there are that many people in this situation!

No matter what, I do not expect these to sell out today (or maybe at all) so you may not need to decide right now.

Personally, as noted in the comments below as well, I think this is probably one of the worse values with the Daily Getaways. But, I accept that people may want something different. 🙂

Do you have a specific use in mind to buy these points?

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • Terrible , pitiful , bad bad deal!!! Hilton points are now only worth .35 in MOST cases. I just booked the Doubletree Bangkok for 20,000 points. Cash rate was $67. Cash and points was 10,000 plus $45. As a slid the cash and points slider around I got more disgusted as Hilton has now destroyed cash/points value to make sure if you even touch the Cash/Points slider… you are guaranteed to get ripped off and probably only .025 per point. This program is way over-diluted.

    Im seeing hotels that go for $300 at 80,000 points! Hotels that go for $150 for 50,000 +. Hilton Honors is dead. Everyone is Diamond and the points are flung around like they are worthless and they almost are. 20,000 points earned $67.

  • Meh – this should have been a foodie vacation package offer including a flight from Delta. I’m thinking along the lines of an overnight flight to Newark, New Jersey, a stay at the lovely Hilton Newark Penn Station and one Extra Value Meal at McDonald’s for $999. Might have raised more interest…

  • I purchased a dailygateaway package for Hilton. I found the deal reasonable for my 5 night Conrad Maldives trip. I bought 250,000 points for $1250 and after I combined it with my 130,000 points I already had, I’m staying 5 nights in a water villa for $1250. Each night is over $1,000 so I think buying the points was a great value.