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How Today’s Hertz Points Packages Is Fantastic For Some Travelers!

Written by Charlie

Today is the Daily Getaway packge for Hertz rentals. Even with the recent devaluation, there are still some great deals to be had – especially if you are traveling to certain areas!

Today, there is the Daily Getaway deal for Hertz. In the past, this has proved to be a very popular deal (I have received some great value from it myself!) but this year, it was clouded over a bit by the Hertz reward devaluation.

How Today’s Hertz Points Packages Is Fantastic For Some Travelers!

Link: Daily Getaway Hertz

Fortunately, both Daily Getaways and Hertz did the right thing (at least for those who will buy the packages – normal Hertz customers still earning points are still crushed with the new values) and bumped up the points that will be in each package to cover the devaluation increase while keeping the same price.

This means that you absolutely can still get the same value out of the Hertz package that you would be able to get in years past since you are not paying any more. You are still getting the points to cover what is described (and many other redemptions as well) without paying any extra. That is good!

For example, the amount of points listed and the associated redemption is for Anytime rewards instead of Standard rewards. If you buy the cheapest package for $280, you are getting enough points for 1 week at Anytime pricing and 2 weeks at Standard rewards. So, you could really stretch it out!

Or, that same package could be used for Standard One-Way rentals for a week! That could also save a bunch of money in some markets!

Reward Amounts Stayed the Same Europe!

Link: Hertz Reward Charts

But, what makes this Hertz package even better is this: the Hertz devaluation only affected USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand – the countries in Europe were unaffected by the devaluation! 

Note: I noticed Australia and New Zealand match the US reward chart. I did not notice this is any of the other posts about the devaluation but it appears that Hertz devalued those regions as well.

This means that you could buy points now, at the same price as last year, and get even more rental ability out of the points if you book for rental cars abroad. Since some places like Germany and UK could be more expensive than the US anyway, this makes this a great deal!

hertz package

hertz packages

So, the base package on sale today is for $280 for 7,500 points. That means those 7,500 points would give you 2 full weeks at standard prices and then a couple of additional rental days as well. Or, you can book a 7 seater (can be very expensive in Europe!) for a week and still have 3,200 points left for a future rental!


Buying a Hertz package from Daily Getaways today is pretty much a win-win. If you rent in the US, you are going to get what you could before the devaluation (for most standard type rentals) and maybe even get some better redemptions in some cases. However, if you are going to Europe, you could really get a good deal and get close to 3 weeks of a rental in many countries for the $280 package! Not bad at all!

Of course, I understand some of you may be uncomfortable buying points in a program that feels it can destroy the redemption chart for several regions without notice. So, as with all point purchases, I advise that you do not buy unless you have a redemption plan in the very near future!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • Hertz just screwed its loyal customers through its massive unannounced devaluation. You would be crazy to buy points from them. Shame on you for encouraging people to do so.

    • Good for you having a firm conviction on it. The point I make is that the damage has been done and they actually reworked this package offering to make it align with the new program. If you have a rental opportunity coming up, this can save a lot of money – especially abroad.
      But if you enjoy passing on great value potentials to make a point, that is your choice.
      I made the warning that it is best to not buy points unless there is a quick need for them. Would think you would have seen that at the bottom just above the area where you rushed to leave a comment.